Cannot select newest items? is it on purpose?

Our newest items is at good trend & have trending badge, it sold quite well until yesterday but it stops selling.
Just did a check and did you see that you cannot select to view Newest Items but others?
When I select Newest Items it shows best sellers only, is it on purpose!!! to not show newest items.

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Themeforest is getting insane now. This is ridiculous. I tried selecting new themes but nothing happened.

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Just figure it out that it works properly in anonymous & no login mode.
Man! this is serious, only the login users will buy.

Same in Presentation templates. It sets sorts by best rated by default. No new items are display when click on presentation template.

I think it’s bug on search query. For some reason if you select “Newest” or “Best Match” options which don’t have sort value. It switched to best seller sorting by default.

But if I manually put &sort= to search URL. It works. I think Themeforest dev will fix this soon.

Also it happens only for logged in users.

I also encountered this case, is unfair to the new product.

Currently, Codecanyon also encountered a similar situation, but with trending items

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Same here, videohive!!

same here nothing happens when I filter the dropdown. I hope this will fix asap because we have new item approved.

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It affects our sales, especially the newest items. Having waited long for approval it is not the best case! When an item enters themeforest, first days are critical, but do they care? There are other items coming like every 5 minutes so they are all good. They still making money. Please fix it ASAP.

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The same thing on Audiojungle, please, fix it!

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I hope Envato will fix this

This is the end!!!
All all all to work at the factory!!!

I have the same problem. Audiojungle

It is very strange that there is no new products! As is now the buyers will find new items, can not even imagine? and whether it makes sense to upload an new items?

I certainly to the last believer in the best - that programmers simply confused sort by rating and an new items)!

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So now best seller themes are also listed on Popular Category and also on the WordPress main category.

Maybe those themes deserve more sales?!?! :scream:

Edit: And also listed on Hosted WordPress category :tada:

I hope this is a bug, Otherwise, everything is very bad


its happening in videohive when i click on after effects section usually it will show newest items now its only showing best sellers even i selecting newest items from filters its only showing the popular items

Yeah! Maybe is a global class/function to sort the items all over the marketplace (ThemeForest, VideoHive etc)

Or maybe they are doing AB Testing again!

hmmm i hope its only error not a permanant thing that envato planning to do.

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It’s not only for logged in users, it’s affecting everyone. Also, if you search for an item, the output has changed there too. I wouldn’t be hoping for a “fix” soon. I think they’ll switch to ‘Best Sellers’ option being the default.