Small tests on market look and feel

We’re always looking for ways to improve Envato Market. With some changes it’s easy to know we’ve done a good job, and with others it’s more challenging to measure the benefit.

One way to be more confident in our changes is to test ideas and iterate based on metrics. We’re launching our first test this week, which is to try a few different colours on the “Add to cart” button and see which receives the most clicks and sales.

This means you may notice small changes from time to time that you can see and others can’t, and that may or may not be made permanent. Of course the metrics are just one component in deciding what changes are made, we’re still looking at everything else like user satisfaction surveys, user testing and these very forums.

If something doesn’t look quite right, feel free to reach out here!



Hm. To my taste orange button don’t looks cool, but it attracts more attention :slight_smile:

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I’d make it bigger. And make it throb a bit… just a little bit. With whale sounds as well. The rhythmic pulsating and aquatic soundscape will soothe the buyers into a docile state of shopping euphoria… then suddenly bring in some really fast and loud music, with flashing lights, to whip them up into an uncontrollable spending frenzy. Sounds crazy, but it might just work.


I didn’t even remember what colour it was before but blue instantly grabs my attention.

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The blue works well, though I preferred the green as it suited the AJ theme better. What about making the purchase button coloured according to the coloured front page banner of the marketplace? For example, turquoise for ThemeForest, dark blue for GraphicRiver, light blue for PhotoDune, green for AudioJungle, yellow for VideoHive, orange for CodeCanyon and crimson for 3DOcean.

yeah, I noticed today this color change on “add to cart” button… this color attracting attention, but i think this happens, because my brain got used to the previous button color.


Hi, @trent-aus As a customer I can say that I trust green color more. But I have an idea with a color.

If one chooses “Regular License” then button “Add to Cart” stays green. If one chooses “Extended Licence” it can become orange, for instance, and thus way for all other license types.


The second idea is to leave all this as it is and only use it for license extending, I think it will be appropriate there “Extend now and save”

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Hi, I didn’t like the orange color, I think it should be blue or green… but it’s great to see you try to improve quality on the market in many ways recently,makes me optimistic :slight_smile:

I agree that color theme is a very important factor, but since Envato is member based, with many of the collectors spending hours here, buying stuff year after year, maybe some user customization would do the trick? The buyer could pick his favorite theme in the settings, and enjoy the colors he likes whenever he signs in, etc.

On the website noticed colors.

This will be interesting to see. :slight_smile: Personally I don’t like orange too much. I loved the green button, it’s like it invites you to click on it. But I can’t wait to see the result, to see what buyers prefer.

The most difficult thing for me when I create something, a website or anything else, is choosing the main color. Should it be red or green, or blue, or black? Or else? It’s always difficult to choose because people are attracted by different colors.

Blue color is great… Real refreshing…

I think that now you have a very correct colors, style fits perfectly!
I have reworked more in the website usability. As mentioned before in this forum, it is better to do the following:

  1. Many customers do not pay attention to the existing license section. So, before buying, after clicking on the “buy” button, make an additional pop-up window with a choice of license (once again).
  2. After items bought, redirect all customers to Review page. Now this section is practically useless

You’ve basically described the experience of visiting my teenage myspace profile.


Those were the days! I’m hoping to get headhunted as ‘Vice President of Buttons’ for Envato.


For me the orange is not good, as a buyer, the green or blue color is a trusted value.

Maybe a mix! Why keep the Buy Now button gray?


I have an idea for the cart page.
We should put an screenshot/preview popup button (or hover) next to item info, users could ensure their decision without going back and lost again in tons of items.
It could make an order more straight.
Just my two cents.

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Saw yesturday the orange button and thought what happened. Personaly i would stick with the green one.

Even tho i understand that you guys try to fit the buttons with the category colors but I dunno…for me the orange doesn’t shine xD.

thats cool kudos :slight_smile:

But which one sells more items…? :grin: