Where are the BRANDS?

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I’d be surprised. Envato - altough not always with the best ideas for their authors - has always been very cautious with big announcements and tried to inform the community so we could prepare ourselves. A shift away from a marketplace divided by genres could lead to much confusion regarding links and branding.

I suppose they want to advertise the whole marketplace with elements as the spearhead of Envato’s brands. They seem to think that having brands which sound more memorable like themeforest or audiojungle could lead to customers heading directly to those niche marketplaces. They appareantly want to avoid that and make Elements the gateway for Envato products.

There even seem to be multiple tests going on at the same time. This is the layout I’m getting:

When I’m logged out I get the traditional branded bar (themeforest, codecanyon, etc).

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As always, the “OLD” is the best. The usual. No confusion.

“Website Templates” ?
^ That phrase is too restrictive…
“Themes & Templates” would be much better.

Seems that the new changes are for all users in the end. I’m logged in, here is how the nav looks like:

Thats for us authors old is better, because we learn too see those brends, but for new visitors, buyers who visit for first time marketplaces this is better.

I think something like this would do the work :slight_smile:
(Surely it can be better when it comes to “design”)



Is everyone going to know what a theme is though? And what kind of templates? Could be After Effects templates, drawing templates, website templates, Word templates etc. ‘Themes and Templates’ doesn’t even give you a clue that it’s related to websites.

Hi friend. You have a point for sure, there may be a much better phrase than “themes and templates” (and again, I still think it’s a much better option than “website templates”), and I completely agree with making things as clear as possible for “new comers”… (and yet those new-comers are still confused with “Missing CSS files” when they deal with WordPress :wink: So, it seems we are STILL doing even the most basic things WRONG for YEARS, right?)

My point is ; “ThemeForest” (and surely others) is/are a brand, and as a brand it has its own value. It doesn’t make sense to make “ThemeForest” logo invisible (making it “invisible” is an extra step for confusion for the “new comers” too…)

A “new” customer lands on ThemeForest. And there is simply nothing that confirms the user that they are now in themeforest, other than the browser’s address bar. Is this good? No…:

“Is this really ThemeForest?” / “Where am I now?” / “Is this a fishy website that tries to get my creditCard numbers?”

If the “Non-Listeners” willing to kill those brands, then they surely will (because they never listen, right?) - But those brands have the value of making these marketplaces “unique” & “special”, no matter if they listen or not.

Who “we” are? “We are ThemeForest” , not just some “templates”!
ThemeForest that specializes on website templates, WordPress Themes, etc.
ThemeForest that you can find the most beautiful / useful / userFriendly templates & themes (you know what I mean ;))

ThemeForest = Something very special, something that has some magic in it!

Why you buy from Corsair (also please be careful with the branding they do with their own product ranges)?
Why you buy from Asus? (They sell “Maximus Formula” / “Republic of Gamers” etc. etc., not just “MainBoards”, they are selling dreams)

I don’t want a car, I don’t want a Ford, I want a MUSTANG!

Brands are important, who cares about “EnvatoMarket” , this is not Walmart, This is ThemeForest.

Most importantly, this new approach CLEARLY gives the messages below…:

  • To new authors.: “We don’t want anything special from you. Please create as generic themes as you can for EnvatoMarket. Some templates and that will be enough. Please create the same thing again and again for us. We love generic and we love the ordinary”

  • To new customers…: “Hi, why are you here? We are just as ordinary as other competitors. We as EnvatoMarket don’t have anything unique here. We are just selling, you know, just some generic templates, some audio files that all sound the same, some videos that all have the same effects ; nothing special here, sorry…”

Branding, friends… Branding is what matters.
I wonder when we will start to sell one of these in Envato Market…:


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I believe that they are testing by changing and reverting it back in order to analyze behavior of users and then to decide what to use.

This is a/b(/c?) testing.

There are multiple navigation menus in the HTML code. These are toggled on and off with javascript.

These menu load with display:none; attributes. I have a feeling this will not be beneficial for SEO, as google may ignore blocks that are hidden. Or this will go the other way, and look like keyword/link stuffing.

If you jump into the code you’ll see multiple nav variants, and you can turn them on/off.

This is also why the nav takes a second or so to load.


I think they just want to make the site clearly.

Hi guys

You’re on the pulse! As mentioned previously we are running tests on Envato Market. We don’t announce the specifics of these tests in order to maintain their integrity.

With this specific one, we think that we could increase visits to our other markets by naming them with what they sell and make it easier for new visitors to understand what is in each Market. Before we launched this test, we completed card sorting tests with groups of users to see if they could place content from each market in the correct site. For example, as @SpaceStockFootage suggested, “Themes & Templates” confused users with non ThemeForest items being placed under it when we tested it.

We will be looking at metrics such as cross market visits, purchases, bounce rate and time spent on site to determine if there is a winner in this test. If this was to become permanent we would communicate it prior.



Thanks for the Heads-Up!

Brand identity with logos or with just names it will not increase conversion rate which is the main point of making these changes. Because the main source of visitors coming from search engines and if a user comes to ThemeForest by searching Best Cosmetics Template. It means that visitor interested in just web templates and wants to buy any template. That’s why brands identities always will disturb visitor’s mindset and requirements. In my point of view, Envato should treat separately ThemeForest, Codecanyon etc… and brands should be in the footer.

@trent-aus said “we think that we could increase visits to our other markets by naming them with what they sell and make it easier for new visitors to understand”

For visits, you should focus on SEO and marketing. And Envato is not a blog platform which UX you are focusing it’s related to Blog platform here you don’t need to show something else which is not related to visitor’s requirement. A visitor coming for a template on ThemeForest you are also showing him Audio,Video, Graphics etc… you should focus on just templates which are in mind of your visitors. That’s why I think if Envato will treat separately it will increase conversion rate and authors and Envato both will be happier. Sorry to say this is just my point of view.

So, your aim is to NOT confuse the users, especially new-comers and yet you advertise the Elements on the same page with ThemeForest? How does this look to you, I wonder.

Yea saw that nasty elements banner today… woke up in the middle of the night and checked my phone and I just could not sleep for an hour :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Trent, just a question, if “Themes and Templates” was confusing for users, why do you (Envato) decided to only put “Templates” in one of the variants? it seems to us that is even less info of what users might expect in that category than “Themes and Templates”. And again, when users see the “Website Templates” category, the issue of the difference between templates and themes arises.

I do not know about you, but I think it makes it easier! (Find the right product and so on …)Especially for novices.

So, still testing OR final decision?