Where are the BRANDS?

It seems we don’t sell THEMES anymore?

  • We killed all of those brands now?

Just saying ; a VERY bad decision once again.

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Very interesting move. I am not sure how I feel about it. They’re starting to push more aggressively to unify the marketplaces into a single “Envato Market”.

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Noticed this too. Looks like a “beta” version of a single Envato market, right. Let’s see what happens next.

When i am logged in the logos as they were before. Seems that this move is only for not logged in users.

Maybe this way the marketplace become more attractive for new visitors :slight_smile: ( Just saying )

When I’m logged in and out, the logos are gone and replaced with text.

I think it will benefit other marketplaces other than themeforest. Unified envato market.

Interesting move if you’re an author on anything other than themeforest

I think it’s improvement for new users/customers. Imagine when you just arrived here for the first time and you saw bunch of logos there. You probably have no idea what are they right?

Now, as new user, you can see what’s there code, 3D etc. This UI change is making sense for new user.


While it will definitely make Envato less unique, it will also make it less confusing for new customers. I like it. Good decision.


Could you please argue why its bad decision? Thank you

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You know, once we were ThemeForest. Now we are “templates”.

Makes sense. Everyone knows (or can make an educated guess at) what a ‘website template’ is… but who is going to know what a ‘Themeforest’ is unless they actually know what Themeforest is.

I guess it could be said that nobody knows what an ‘Envato’ is, but maybe a rebrand is a bit extreme. Time will tell.

I think it should still have the individual marketplace logo when you’re on the actual site though.

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This much better, this make sense because this is one market place, it makes better connections between sites (brands), specially for new visitors, they know what they want but don’t know where in which site to find, now no meter which site open they see what they need in the menu. A graphic template, a website template or music.

Brave step. Merging the marketplaces might focus the attention to the whole range of Envato’s products.

Well, no matter what it’s always great to see some “positive” comments from the authors. Thanks for all your precious time & comments on the matter, friends. Let’s wait and see.

I think it’s good for selling but bad for (old) brands.
Customers will forget themeforest, codecanyon… but remember one Envato

  • Don’t you friends think that the “Elements” link on top of the page shines too much especially with the latest change?

I guess you might think that Envato somehow wants to feature Elements on the landing page :slight_smile:

The good thing, I think, could be from the SEO point of view, I mean it is way better for search engines to say, for example, video instead of videohive, right? Anyway, I think we should wait for an official response, before going into conclusions.

Waiting for a URL’s unification and watermark changes, as ‘new’ customers won’t have a clue what ‘AudioJungle’ or ‘VideoHive’ means (and other ‘brands’ too).

Yea, just had a discussion with the team, yet again something is brewing about we authors will get the bomb dropped and will have few weeks to adapt all our business…

Well, what kind of discussion :slight_smile: