Resell Themes and Other Envato products


How is it working to resell products? Is it possible to resell the downloaded themes and scripts and rebrand them and upload them again in my own white label brand?

There is many sites that sell digital products that can be white labeled and rebranded and the you can sell them under your own white labeled brand?

How is the rules? Is there some sellers that allows to resell and others don’t?



no, you can’t resell or redistribute your purchased item. It is not allowed.
To get an idea:


Thank you for answer!

But I can say this, I know many people that download themes and scripts, change colors, images and but a new logo and then upload them again to for example themeforest or codecanyon and sell them. How can envato not notice this? It’s so easy to do, iam not interested in doing that but when I heard from some people that they earn huge amounts of money by doing it I was really chocked that it was so easy.

Unfortunately there’s no way for envato to fully police that.

There are potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of items, and just like with warez sites it would be impossible to make any significant impact.

That said if you have a feasible solution then I am certain that they would want to hear it.

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Yes but cant they scan the codes in somehow?

I know a guy, he downloads for example a theme on any store like themeforest(also from themeforest) and then sometimes just change the logo and then upload them again to themeforest and sell them very easily with no problems and sometimes he said that he just change the banner image and some colors and that’s it, then upload and sell them. The problem is that everybody can do it, it’s not fair for the developers of the themes that works so hard to make a theme and then sell it, and then there is guys that buy his theme, and change small things and then sell the same theme in 1-2 hours of work when the developer had put 2-3 week to create that theme. It’s not fair. Envato should have better systems that can read code better… if envato set rules for the developers that they have to put a certain code in the theme that is unique for that theme, then others can’t upload the same theme because it would not work with the same code and envato then should recognize that it’s the same code embedded in the code and and not accept the people that upload others themes.

Ita so easy now for everybody to do this kind of things. Buy theme for 29$, change logo, upload it to themeforest for the same price and make 10 sales and get 270$ profit for 1h work for the change of logo and some colors.

That’s a different considerations.

If you mean doing this and reselling anywhere online then there is literally nothing envato can do

In terms of resubmitting items here, again envato do not own or create items, so they can’t be aware of the source code of identification in code of the millions of items that are sold here. That said quite often when people literally rip items, these get found out and removed.

There will be a second group i.e. themes which look very similar to other items but which use unique code. Again, in this situation there’s just no way envato can be aware of every item sold here

I completely agree that people shouldn’t be able to do this or install items on multiple sites etc . but this is not an issue that is exclusive to envato (even the smaller and owned marketplaces face the same challenge).

Out of interest how would this work?

Wouldn’t someone just remove or change the code?

I dont know really but be something working like license codes that is automatically be added to the codes or something. I was very interested in beginning create wordpress themes, plugins and shopify themes but no after see how easy it is to just copy my theme and resell it I consider not doing it anymore and put my time on something else that can’t be stolen, uploaded and then sold so easily.

Has envato didn’t think about this issues, they should figure something out by now… that’s themes.

Other files are even more easy to download and resold, for example graphics, stock photos etc, it can be uploaded without being even branded and sold…I can’t understand that it’s so easy.

How about the php script for example, can they even dont scan that code and match it to a similar product and reject the upload?

This really sucks, it’s useless for me as a creator or developer to put weeks and months of work to something and on another can just download it, and upload it 10minutes later and sell it.

I am certain if there was a technically feasible solution then they would have implemented it by now.

Have you got examples of what other similar sites do to prevent it?

Unfortunately cross referencing potentially millions of items (esp as envato don’t own, create or update them) does not seem technically possible.

Even then, where does the line sit with similarity, and even then it doesn’t strike me like it would be too hard for people to circumnavigate with minimal edits.

I am not suggesting for one second that it’s not an issue but regretfully sometimes there are limits to what can be done.

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I understand what you mean but there should be a dussin of people who work with this fulltime to until they get an solution. Because it’s to unfair for the developers and creators. It can be downloaded, change logo, change 1-2 images and then uploaded and ready to sell. It’s to unfair. It’s to easy.

I dont know other sites rules, and policy or how they work but there should be a way to prevent it.

Here all of the items are under gpl license and as per gpl license anyone can change or resell once you get the product and can do whatever he want, so how you can say that people cannot sell products once they purchase that from your site?
I am talking about Wordpress themes & plugins.

Not all WP themes are fully GPL. That may apply to the PHP part, but certainly not the CSS, JS or other parts of the theme. Theme author has to specifically set his item to be 100% GPL.

More info about licenses: