themeforest wordpress theme, can a person resell


If, under my client’s account, we bought a themeforest template for a website, and I helped her install it, customize, can she later transfer the license to someone else?

For example, if she sold her business and wants to give all of the digital assets like the website over to the new owner, can she do that and how?


No, envato item license transfer not allowed.

I would contact support. While its not allowed, the reason for that isn’t to stop people buying and selling businesses with their associated assets, its more to ensure authors are properly compensated for usage, and buyers aren’t reselling content or giving it away.

While I can’t guarantee they’ll be able to help, the logical course of action, that would be in the best interest of all parties, would be for the new owner to just buy a new license, but carry on using the website which was set up on the original license. Author is properly compensated and the new owner doesn’t have to start from scratch. Means they do have to buy a license, but a small price to pay for not having to take the site down.

Anyway, as I say… support is your best bet, they might advise otherwise or provide a better solution.