Am I able to transfer a wordpress theme license to a client?

I worked on a site for a client and have now completed it using one of the themes I purchased on themeforest. Can I transfer the license of the theme to the client?
What do I need to do?


Hello :smiley:

The client can certainly take ownership of the project when you’re done, but if you bought the theme license under your personal account, they won’t have access to item support unless they purchase their own license.



How would i be able to effect the transfer? E.g. does the client need to create a Envato account and how do i then transfer it to him?

Noted that the client would have to purchase support if they require support once the transfer is effected.


You should make sure that they have the purchase code/license details and that all item files, test installations and source code are removed from your systems.

Note that it’s not just support they would need to pay for. Theme updates will only ever be available via your account so if you part ways then they will need to buy another license under their own profile to be able to access these.

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