Transferring purchased theme to a different account

I would like to transfer one of my purchased WordPress regular licence themes from this account to a new account. How do I make this happen?

Unfortunately this is not possible.

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Hi Charlie, is there a workaround? Does the themeforest support team help in this regard?

Not really. To be clear:

  • you can transfer the license to someone else giving them permission to use an item (assuming you surrender access etc.)

  • you will not be able to transfer access to an item between accounts e.g. the ability to download updates etc.

  • if you are building a project for a client etc. you can use envato’s plugin to provide access to updates etc. that way

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Hi charlie,

Could you please guide me on how to surrender the ownership of the theme and transfer the license to my client. Thanks

As an author the only way for us to tell that someone has a valid support or item license is if they are using the account that purchased the theme. You’ll need to give your client your account in order to give them ownership of the license.