Am I the only one who's critical of Envato's moves.

Envato has been changing a lot of stuff lately, but doesn’t update the authors on a lot of them. And shockingly for me, nobody talks about these changes.
What’s going on, nobody wants to keep Envato accountable? Especially, when it’s basically a monopoly.

Wow…am I delusional or what?

Such a disappointing community.

What do expect ? It’s private company, not a community … You believed their story … It’s like believing in Coca Cola commercials … :slight_smile:

I don’t get why you wrote about believing in the envato’s story. By community I mean the authors.
And of course you don’t trust envato, as I keep saying: “it’s the worst company I’ve ever seen, and it’s a monopoly”.

No, you are not. but authors are tired of writing on the forums and asking for changes that will never be made. There is no community anymore. I think this is quite obvious… As is obvious that many authors are moving away from Envato, as are we.

Some times ago this was a good business, where you submitted a functional, unique and quality item and that was enough to get good sales. Now, you need to create a monster theme to achieve that. not to mention there is no creativity anymore here and all monster themes looks the same. Not to mention that one of super popular items completely stole one layout - the layout is the same as on one site I saw a year ago on Awwwards. Sad, disappointing, ah…

We don’t agree with monster items and direction Themeforest set. We’ll probably be here for some time, but we already developed a business outside this marketplace and I believe many authors are headed in the same direction.