Update to marketplace homepages

Hi All,

As mentioned in my post regarding persistent item URLs last week, over the last 12 months the newly created Organic Growth Team has been working on identifying risks to (and opportunities for!) existing organic traffic (largely Google search) to the Envato marketplaces.

Today, we release another update, this time to the content on the ThemeForest homepage. This same update (albeit different text) will roll out on the homepages of Codecanyon, Videohive, Audiojungle, Graphicriver, Photodune and 3Docean in the coming days.

The update is relatively minor in terms of visual uplift but contains important text content that explains what each Marketplace offers customers - this is important for context for new customers (in particular) and search engines alike.

The changes are as follows

  • A text explanation of existing feature panels (new items, featured items, featured author, free items)

  • A text explanation of the specific marketplace’s offering

  • A feature panel for Community

  • A feature panel for Tuts+ tutorials related to upskilling in the theme of the specific marketplace

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Fix This At First - I am Already Logged in - Then Why i Need TO Signup Again For Free Items ?


I can’t find items of authors that i’m following :expressionless:

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We’ve noticed that too @Muse-Master and a cleanup is on it’s way.

Are you logged in our out @LoganCee?


The “You Follow Feed” block is absent :frowning:

Same Here…

Logged In - I am

Of course, I’m logged in my account and i can’t find items of author that i’m following.
And i also similar @Muse-Master, i also see button sign up in part “Free File” ( although logged in)

Thanks @LoganCee & @Muse-Master - it’s an oversight on our part. We’ll have this functionality returned asap.

Dear @katehunter

For 3 blocsk at bottom page.
As before, my clients usually find & buy item through this 3 block as : woocommerce, magento or psd popular.
But now, it just show for only web design tutorials, i think my clients also as other buyers will hard to find items popular that they need.

And for authors, we can know some contests that don’t need go to Envato forum.

Hope my feedbacks can helpful :slight_smile:

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@katehunter ; Why to eliminate the “popular Items section” which was succesfully displaying different types of items at the bottom of the homePages ? (this was a section for the best selling items from Muse Templates, EmailTemplates, LandingPages, Magento Themes, AdminTemplates etc. etc.)

That section was a great opportunity for exposure and “balance” through the marketplace (themeForest) , especially for different types of items from different categories. Instead I see a new section for “tutorials” there?

The main problem here is, if you put all the “popular” files into the same section ; unfortunately the ones will be benefiting from it will be mostly WordPress authors ; because the WordPress is already the most popular file type in the entire marketplace. For example, How can you put “popular muse templates” and “popular wordpress templates” into the same “populars” section? You simply CAN’T put all the popular items into the same section. The section I am referring to was some sort of “balance factor” for the other types of less popular item types. (There were 3 sections giving exposure to different types of items at the bottom of the homePage which was changing with each visit… Now we have a “free tutorials” section there. WHY?)

Really friends, WHY are you continuously doing these things, eliminating our vitally important exposure sources again and again, especially for items from different categories??

Just please click the button that reads “POPULAR FILES” (see below) ; there is only ONE single “email template” there, with 55 sales… Now the question is, do I really, really have to sell at least 55 copies each week to be able to be the ONLY email template displayed there? Please just have a look at the number of the WordPress files, and compare that number with the email templates or any other types of items…

You think this is fair?? Putting all different types of items into SAME “popular” section??

Friends, please bring back the old “popular sections” which was clearly giving the other item types more & more chance to be visible (There were 3 sections at the bottom of the homePage which was changing with each visit, displaying different types of “best selling” files with more reasonable numbers, thus giving exposure to each item type).That was a great balance factor and an exposure source for the authors of other item types.

But instead of this, you’re displaying truly useless sections like “free tutorials”, a huge “forum ad”, and a section that displays text like “All the themes you need” / “Know your template” / “Everything you need in one place”??? A big, huge ad for FORUMS?? Really? Come on friends, please, I mean it… Wasting the priceless homePage space with those useless sections such blatantly?? Please friends, please, fix this.



^^^ Really, friends… Why do we always have to waste our time to state the OBVIOUS??
How can you CUT-OUT a direct “source of exposure / visibility” to those items?
This is not “customer friendly” (as LoganCee also stated above), this is not “author friendly” and this is completely against user experience.
Exposure and / or Being “visible” is VITAL to authors, and if you cut them, we simply DIE.


I personally don’t like how the “New files” sections looks. Consider this new design from an UX point of view.

This design change has been done in a few minutes and does not require any changes to the HTML structure, only some more CSS. IMO, this looks much better.
Let me know what do you think.


It looks awesome :slight_smile: The left navigation should be tabs*, right?

The left navigation are the categories that currently are on top.

Sorry, I meant tabs, not tags…

I am logged in and can’t see the items of authors I am following.

Agree with @Bedros
@katehunter Why you remove awesome section with redundant section

@LoganCee and @Muse-Master caught this one early for us

Great news! This will definitely help buyers understand each second on the front page more easily.

One thing I would like to mention (and suggest) would be for the Featured Author section to be placed somewhere where it can actually be seen. Right now it’s at the bottom of the page, below even the free files. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Shifting the Featured Author spot further up the page would make things more balanced and fair (right now Featured Author is basically just a badge, whereas a Featured Item is every author’s dream). You could even try splitting up the Featured Item container into thirds, and placing the Featured Author on the far right, leaving 2/3 on the left for the Featured Items.


Thanks @AurusAudio. The current update inserted the new panels but did not rearrange the existing (surprisingly heavy lifting for these things!). It’s a suggestion I will definitely pass onto the design team for their future considerations.

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