Sales drop since 2016 Nov

Hi there, sudden drop in sales. I can see my videos appear at the same positions in search result (1st page). But no sales for over a month.
Does anyone have dealt with that? It started since last update of video hive “upload” fix. As well when i’m logged in videohive, and i go to themeforest, in my profile menu “portfolio” link disappears (as it wasn’t before). Is it ok?
If anyone had same situtation how did you dealt with it? Shall i write to someone?

It’s because of the latest NonSense HomePage changes
(I can’t find a word other than “NonSense”).

It’s obvious because they cut-out a direct exposure / visibility source from their precious authors with the latest homePage change.

Really I don’t know what else to say.
The impact is there, and it is undeniable!
(you can check the comments in the thread below)

Hm, well then it shouldn’t change the way current iteam urls (the ones are buying well, i never change anything in tags, urls and etc.), i have done changes only on items which were unpopular. I believe that these dudes, just tryed to fix something with SEO, and accidentally reset whole market indexing in google.

Sorry friend, but no.
Before the HomePage Changes, you were more visible.
After the change, you’re less visible.

In the WorldWideWeb, VISIBILITY is everything.
If there is no visibility, you CAN’T SELL a single item.
Because exposure is everything.
No exposure, you will have simply no sales even if you have the best item on the planet.

Below is the section they removed (I really don’t know why they did this, I am speechless) and instead they put a useless “free tutorials category”. Unbelievable to see that they wasted priceless homePage space irresponsibly like this.

This section was a balancing factor through the marketplace(s) and it was giving a great chance of “visibility & exposure” for different item categories with more achievable sales numbers.

Please read my comments ON THE FORUM POST “Update To Marketplace Home Pages” at my previous message in this thread and you’ll see the reasons.


Yeh !! sale drop here too, I’m from GR. Nov 16 was my worst month. I can see many of author’s duplicating their existing item’s, and envato can’t barrier them.

Even some author get item from pirate sites and change minimum layout to upload here. What should we do? from my side upload only quality item’s even take more time to make them. But day by day the new item take the newer places and we face sale drop.Paid marketing can’t save me last month.

Latest changes on search its combined all item’s, like if I search brochure - search result give me also trifold !!! in the first page. Also ADP author driving policy make some bad thing’s. As I remember ADP was apply for tax and fixed buying charge. Like if US tax or buying fixed price make us less earn we may raise our list price. But now some author’s competition to lower the price of their item. Even some elite author sale their 16$ template as 7 or 8$

So don’t know what to do, really frustrating about last month sale.

Well i am just not sure if the sales are not going on? Maybe people still buy our stuff:) just, we can’t see that $ is getting into our profiles? :slight_smile: due to simple website bug? I can find my videos easy by the same keywords, and it seems nothing have changed. I do not see huge difference in the homepage, it looks the same. As well i can check google where i can see image previews of my videos in first 10 results shown by the same keywords as before.

As well before posting this post, i did search in forum for keywords “sales drop” and seen similar post in 2015 spring and summer. So i hope it is just and temporary error, and everything will come back to normal soon.

In November there was real drop, but in the end of Nov sales started to become normal. And now i have better than average sales during Dec