Don't you think Themeforest quality is degrading day by day?


Hello Envato Users,

I hope everyone is enjoying their sales and purchases over the envato market. But again there arises a question that is the market approving some low quality themes and templates? Yes, i do think so in my opinion. Because i have been checking the marketplace for over a week and saw some low quality products which should not have been approved because they clearly lacked a good type setting. So sad to hear! Many of you might be in support of mine and many against of mine… So i just wanted to know your views… What’s your opinion on this topic? I would really love to know… Thank You and Have a nice day!


This applies to codecanyon as well. There is so much poor projects this days, when I started 60% of what is now on codecanyon would not have been approved. I really don’t understand what is going on with envato.


That’s what i was thinking about when i was going through the products recently… And this is really a major concern! I think in need to increase the amount on products and sales they are trying to approve more and more. Also i do think that they are giving easy approvals to old sellers of the marketplace… The question is how is the team reviewing?? But in the meanwhile because of this many products that are of very good quality don’t gets approved because they are new sellers… The community should give a think on this…


I will talk about WordPress.
WordPress feeld like a market for unprofessionals, or amateurs.
Checked out source codes of some most popular plugins out there and I was shocked.
No DRY principle, static-only classes, or even worse, purely procedural programming.
Code is repeating there and there, and it’s just a pain to read it.
Maybe because reviewers are encouraging writing code as-simple-as-posssible.
Once I got rejected because one reviewer told me to prefix METHODS INSIDE A PREFIXED CLASS. lol


Not to mention those who illegally download your work, modify it a bit and re-upload it as a brand new item. Last month I sent a DMCA note to take down a file, just to see the item for sale again, re-uploaded by a new account made by the same person. They should at least verify new authors and ban scammers, but apparently, they prefer to encourage this behavior and demotivate serious authors. Why create something new if you can resell successful products?


Is there a way to sue them ?

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Yes, poor quality in this days :sleepy:


I can send another DMCA and the item will be removed, but that’s not the point. If one can simply re-upload items made by someone else, an overall quality decrease is likely to happen. It would be nice to have some sort of verified badge, and those without such badge would not appear on the search list.


Right Said…
But its not only the point with the modifying but also with the quality of the latest approvals they are degrading as compared to earlier marketplace…


Yes… Totally gonna agree with you…!


Yeah that’s what i was talking about the quality of the themes, mainly it’s the code that is gonna ruin the websites over the web… Themeforest is not focussing of coding section, i found that clean code is not implemented now-a-day also that is very cluttered…!


Envato focus on Design, if they focus on code quality also, I think we author won’t selling here with just $50 for high quality code & design theme :smiley:
Although, Envato is trying to keep theme’s code meet standard


It’s funny I see this post, just had to run atom-beautify and running deeper I regret most of the stuff purchased.
Thankfully got a refund on one of them and debating on getting a refund for another as some stuff flat out doesn’t work.

It’s really sad to see because a lot of content creators you see here have put their heart and soul into the projects they create and you see that level of quality and expect the others to be the same, given products have to be reviewed for starters.

At the moment I’m staying well away from codecanyon and themeforest is getting just as bad. Already went else where for some stuff.

Annoys the hell out of me because there’s actually a lot of talent on the market place but these days you have to sift through so much stuff.


Exactly. I’ve been in the same situation few months ago and Envato did nothing even after the guy agreed that he took my source code and modified a bit. They simply said I should start a legal procedure against them who are in the US so they can stop them. How am I supposed to do that from an African country? With what money since the legal advisor is asking for $4000 to start? Envato simply does not protect it’s author. Elite author does not mean anything since Envato is still letting thieves ripping us from our source code and customers.


Agreed but the design of the latest approvals are worst, i think not a professional designer but even an ordinary person would feel that its design is of very outdated statement… Also the presentation part of the theme is not so attractive now-a-day…


Sadly I’ve hard it so up here with the low quality of products I now see in Envato. The most annoying one is that they will not repremind authors who don’t respond to support questions, even installation errors…and a lot of them go months…I mean upto 8months to a year, and not reply… I think Envato has a new set of management that have compromised quality. Sadly!




I agree 1000% unfortunately, I see a lot of items approved that would never been approve before :frowning:


Totally Agreed…!


Yep, it is really true. :smirk: