Theme Quality

Hey there,

So i have been a member of themeforest / envato for over 7 years now, and during that time, i have purchased several products on the various sites. And i have been realy happy with the purchases made.

I have always thought that the items offerd here on the different envato sites, have been of high quality and that they have a “strict” approval proccess.


Some recent themes i have purchased for various projects, have been faulty, not as advertized, and just plain not working… The last couple of months i have requested more refunds, than i have in the last 7+ years!!

There has been lack of support on purchased items (except for the Envato Staff support), and in general several of the themes purchased have NOT lived up the exceptation of the quality we have come to expect on the items here.
Especially items in the higher price range…

So am I the only one ?
Or are there other like me, with the same issues as stated above ?

Would love to hear from you, no matter what your experience is.

Oh, and dont get me wrong, there are still ALOT of great great items, im not pushing them all over :slight_smile:


As a big buyer, I do know exactly what you mean.

Unfortunately I feel that this is simply a downside to exponential growth in terms of audience size and submissions