What's going on with the quality checks?!

All of my latest purchases from Themeforest has ended up in asking for refunds because of all bugs and broken themes!

Have been using WordPress since it first release, and been a member on the site for over 9 years now. But the last 1-2 years has been a real pain in the ar*e when buying themes from here that nearly all ends up in broken or malfunctioning themes.

Seems the quality check mark is not what it is!

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Please open Help ticket and report them about the theme bugs. They will be happy to check it for you.


Totally agree with this comment. When I first joined the themes were great. Unfortunately within the last 2 years the theme are very mediocre and cost more. Full of bugs, similar design, no variety, no innovative style. Authors take days off on a weekend so if something goes wrong on Friday your website looks like crap until Monday providing they do respond by Monday with a working solution.
And to top it off when you leave your honest review so long it is under 3 stars bet your last dollar it would be removed.
Themeforest have gone to the dogs and amateurs.

Sorry but there’s some truth in this. Also if a bad review is based on bugs and bad codes you should be careful to remove them before checking the theme.
Thanks :blush: