Concerned about the recent Wordpress theme quality

I have been a customer for years and haven’t had many issues at all regarding Wordpress themes until recently. I make sure that I do as much research as possible before purchasing a theme. I make sure it has everything I need and I read through comments and reviews to be aware of any major issues. I purchased a theme about a month and a half ago and was completely taken back by how misleading it was. First I believe the theme was overpriced. I have paid less for more features in other themes. They were very slick with their wording, so some of the features they claimed to have, only applied to one or two sections and not the majority of the site. I am a very experienced user when it comes to Wordpress and it seemed even the simplest changes took too much effort. Their support was great at helping me achieve what I needed to accomplish, but they basically told me that the features I thought were included are not and won’t be because most people don’t have a need for them. Didn’t think I was asking for too much. I realized I was just going to have to take a loss on the theme and ended up purchasing a new one today. With this one it seems like there are so many bugs it’s ridiculous. I am having just as many problems as the last theme. Is anyone else experiencing issues with some of the latest themes? I thought Envato had a quality control system that would not approve some of these themes. I am beginning to be very skeptical when purchasing now. I am going to have to stick with this current theme, because I am not going to waste any more money. It’s really frustrating because I can’t afford for one of these bugs to cause the site to go down in the future.

Hey @natetate,

Sucks to hear that you’ve had two bad experiences in a row! I want to jump in here and make sure we don’t end up with a third.

For the second theme you purchased, it sounds like you might want to request a refund. I’d recommend checking out this page here where you can learn more about how to get those wheels moving. (Fun fact: that’s my voice in the video)

I wonder if you would be comfortable sending me a direct message with the names of the items you purchased? We do have a pretty strict quality control process that all items go through and whilst there is always small margin of error, if we learn about a theme that’s misleading or doesn’t meet our quality standards, we want to act on that knowledge ASAP.

If you’ve got any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them here, or point you to the person who’s best placed to help.

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Thanks Matthew for reaching out.

Edupress by Themestall was the theme I purchased in February. My main issue
with them is that in its description it says…

EduPress WordPress theme comes with unlimited preset color. You can easily
set any color as you need from theme options, just need to set your desire
color from theme options and click save changes. Browse your site with new
color and view."

The thing is that when I got into the theme I realized that you can only
change the color in one or two areas from the color picker. I would have
to make custom changes in the css to effect any other areas. I’m very
capable of doing it, but takes so much extra time to have to do this. I
would not have bought it if I knew this was the case. There were some other
layout issues, but I was able to find a work-around, but realized this was
not going be good longterm solution for me.

The theme I purchased within the last week was the Education Wordpress
theme by Thimpress.

I am highly displeased with this theme. I am very well versed in using
Wordpress and diagnosing and fixing most issues. Right out of the bag it
seems like the most basic things are difficult.

My issues:

  • I had to install and reinstall the theme 3 times to get it to work

  • I have to constantly delete my cookies just for the customizer to show
    the proper updates.

  • Visual Composer is not loading elements correctly

  • My widgets and text on my pages keep randomly showing up centered instead
    of left aligned.

It’s really frustrating because I’m already behind schedule and I do not
have the time to wait 24 hours for each separate issue back to back. I will
be having several users updating the backend of the site and they are not
as well versed with Wordpress as I am. I would need them to be able to
easily go in and make updates without issue and not have to rely on me to
troubleshoot. I don’t feel they will be able to do that with this theme

Hi @natetate
I’m Tung from ThimPress, the author team of ThimPress,

Thanks for saying out loud this problem so that we know what’s wrong and where to fix.

I’ve checked the system and saw your ticket and from what I can see, our supporters have done a very good job:

You submitted a question on our forum at 8PM(already out of office time) March 20,, and our supporters replied to your question just after we start working the next day (according to the screenshot, 10AM 21st March), meaning ways less than 24 hours - only about 12 hours.

What’s more, in about one hour, our supporter found the reason why and replied to your ticket:

And the reason was simple:

1 - You used EduPress’s shortcode plugin while our theme is Education WP (not related at all, we are not the author of EduPress). If you want to use a theme’s native plugin, please read that theme’s documentation, and in this case, we can’t guarantee EduPress’s native shortcode plugin will serve well with our theme (as it only follows EduPress’s styling and logics)

2 - Even worse, You used Edupress’s shortcode in the wrong way.

And yet, we haven’t heard from you since. Still, our supporter is still waiting for your reply to help you. Please login to the forum and respond to our supporter’s comment.

That’s the reason why you’re feeling what you’re feeling right now.

Hope you can change your mind about this misunderstanding between us.


Tung @ ThimPress

Hi Matthew,

Not sure who else to send this to, since I can no longer reply through the
refund request area. The refund request can be canceled. Honestly, since
refund process has taken so long I have had to use it so I can meet might
my upcoming deadline. There is no time for me to even change at this point.
I still have one unresolved issue and I will just open another ticket with
their support. Hope this reaches the right people.