As a first time customer SHOCKING!!!! Blowing off steam!!!!!

Ok I need to blow off some steam here. Bought a wordpress theme from a developer on your site and are selling a theme under FALSE pretenses -the end results does NOT LOOK like the ADVERTISED product when I mentioned it to him he are claiming that will require more money as its under “Customization on your site” I paid $59 and its money in the water as me as the client are sitting with an incomplete faulty product. I have been on emails with him the whole day yesterday. I have open a ticket and await an urgent resolve to the matter. As a first time customer I am appauled how you can let a guy OPENLY ripp off people on your meduim site…I am fuming as how can you sell a product that DOES NOT look like the advertised end result - ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING!!!

Hi @ricklou,

We’re sorry to hear about your experience. Have you tried to contact Envato Help & Support Center?

Also, just to note, themes don’t look like demo once installed. You may need to follow provided documentation and install any demo that was most likely provided with the purchase.


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I am having a similar experience with an author now. However I have been a happy customer for five years until now. I have contacted Envato Help & Support Center, however recent developments, or rather depletion with the author, I do not know how it will go. As the author now refuses to speak with me until they hear from Envato. And of course, the system loops back to asking me to discuss further options with the author, it is all counterproductive. Hopefully someone here can help me on how to resolve this.

With all due respect to everyone - and as @LucaThemesCom said it’s never good to see people having bad experiences - the forums are not the right place for these discussions.

We don’t have the full information on what happened, the item etc. to make an informed judgement, and the only people who could make a difference are support.

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I am with you all the way ricklou. I too am a first timer here at Envato. I have never had very good luck with these Premium Theme sellers. But I thought I would give Envato a chance as the theme I really needed seemed to be one sold on Theme Forest. There are lot of scammers in this business and the name of the game seems to be “get the money and build a firewall between the seller and the customer”. I think that Envato may not fall into that category - they seem to be trying to sell a meaningful service at a fair price. But the problem for me is the difficulty in getting a real human to communicate with. And an actual phone conversation with knowledgable and helpful human seems to not be in the cards. I still have faith that Envato and its Wordpress team will upload and install my theme as promised. I have received a couple of very shot chats from my Wordpress guy but he promises to be working on it. Part of the problem is that I am a businessman / user and find this stuff mostly incomprehensible. Nevertheless, its time for the legislatures and attorney general’s offices to set and enforce some standards. I am finding that the only themes that are reliable and fully functional are the ones free on Wordpress. - Some of these developers are certainly good people selling good products but there are also too many scam artists. For now, I am continue to support Envato and am hopeful for an going working relationship.


You make a good point about the absence of sufficient hard factual information. It does concern me that a false narrative can be created from a fact-lacking tirades and that the narrative can be unfair to some of the developers. I have occasionally written my own semi-tirades in response to my utter frustration with the Envato system (often times the result on my own ignorance of the system). As a moderator, its your job to keep our emotions and frustrations from overwhelming the discussions. But do we really want to suppress open discussion and block the expressions of frustration felt by the customers? I would think that Envato and its developers would benefit by hearing how utterly frustrating it can be when a customer perceives he or she is experiencing product problems or is being fire-walled out from human contact and is talking to ghost-bots. And your response does not offer a solution for what we customers are to do if there is no helpful response from customer service - but instead just more dead-end bot-links.

It’s not about trying to cull people’s ability to voice their problems. We didn’t lock the thread so people can still make their point and voice their concerns.

The fact remains that this issue can only be handled by support, and therefore to limit further frustration, sharing links to contact them is better than just letting people share bad experiences with no attempt to help resolve it.

We’re very open to ideas if you have a better and feasible solution?

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