Purchase guarantees

Purchase guarantees

Today I was going to buy a theme and / or plugin, but when I entered the download area, I realized that I threw something close to or more than US $ 300.00 in the trash!

As much as you say you are not responsible, it is very sad to see that the money spent was useless. Not even a refund and even less credit!

Security is lost and the fear of buying something enters and, shortly after, see that your purchase was only used to spend money. It would be nice if it gave some security to buyers!

Often we also pay for support and the loss is even greater!

Not to mention that it is difficult to contact you!

Unfortunately, I will stop shopping because of this problem!

Big hug and a good job!

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It’s been discussed many times before and speaking as a big buyer I do sympathise - however changing this would mean altering the core model envato operate under and allows them the quality and quantity they offer over any competitor.

To be fair they do offer the 6 months protection and do make the lifespan challenge clear in the t&c when signing up, all which are steps to go as far as they can within the unavoidable confines.

I’m sure there are people who think it’s not that clear cut so I’m sure that not only I, but envato also would love to see examples of marketplaces in the website and theme plugin space, who use the author owned assets, AND still offer lifetime access, refunds etc.