Refund policy is unacceptable

I discovered Envato and purchased my first 3 plugins.

One great, one ok and one meh.

I tried to return the meh one that was not what I expected and doesn’t work for me and learned I had to start a fight with the developer of the plugin. Like really?

While this might be legal, it’s certainly not a clever business strategy. I will not buy anything on here again.

The fees for paying with PayPal or CC are another very exotic feature of Envato.

As far as the fee, you get around that by buying credit first to cover all the items you want. There is no fee when you do it that way.

Refunds, well Envato is more of a marketplace with stalls than a store. You’re essentially buying from the individual authors. Since it is digital material, there is nothing stopping you from using it even if you get a refund. They do provide user reviews with the items, if there aren’t any you’re kind of taking your chances.

I don’t have any problem with the refund policy so much as support. It’s pretty much impossible to get in touch with the author when your support runs out for many of the items, even when an upgrade of WordPress results in major bugs which stops the plugin from working.

In any case, no one marketplace is going to suit everybody. I hope you are finding ones to your liking.