Just frustrated with Envato

I have been with Envato for over 5 years and have been very satisfied until lately. I have purchased many WordPress and Open Cart themes for my clients and never had an issue. I recently purchased a theme and for some reason some features would not work on two different servers and the author even decided to issue a refund after testing it himself on the two different servers.

Where is Envato to process the refund? No where to be found nor to respond. Just do not get it. It has been over two weeks now and nothing is taken care of. If this is not sub poor customer service, then i do not know what is. Come on Envato, you can do better and I know you can. Do not let me get very disappointed and stop coming back and search for another place.

Eagerly waiting for a good response.

Waiting 2 weeks for the refund to be processed isn’t good and hopefully @KingDog can help move it along a bit quicker but Envato will be getting thousands of support tickets a day and woth that many, some can get overlooked, if KD doesn’t see this then tweet them @envato_help with your ticket number

It looks like the ticket from you was opened yesterday. Perhaps the author took some time processing the refund request? Our Help Team will get on your ticket as soon as possible. Sorry for the wait!

Thanks KingDog for your quick response.

The author claimed that he issued the refund 2 weeks ago. Not sure what happened but I agree with Gareth, it could have been overlooked since I had every good experience with you guys, and I do understand things can go wrong, we are all humans, nobody is perfect. But your prompt attention and quick response means a lot. Thanks again.


Received an email from Envato indicating that the author needs to approve the refund. However, the author claims he has approved the refund, and even stated so on ticksy.com private ticket. Responded to both to Envato and the author and will have to wait and see what is going on.

Just curious what is the typical process and how much time does it really take to process a refund? Does Envato have access to https://cmssuperheroes.ticksy.com website to follow the communication between me and the author as well?


The process should be relatively quick once the author approves the refund. I’m pretty sure it’s a automated process at that point.

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Really appreciate your super fast response.

Then why is it taking over ten days to receive a refund? Can’t you guys verify everything what the author claimed in the ticket system? To be honest with you I almost forgot about the refund until something came up and reminded me to follow up on it.

Can you look into it as well or not? Just curious.

Thanks for your prompt attention and help in this matter.

Yeah the run around is never fun. I have a sneaking suspicion that the author hasn’t approved the refund yet. I’ll see if I can look into it. Thanks!