Refund issue

Hi, One week ago I purchased a plugin with theme. Both had critical issues and I asked author to refund. The author accepted my request within one day. Then I received email from Envato “The Envato Help team is now on it, and we will process your request in 3-5 business days”.
After 3 days Dani from Envato emailed me and asked if I want money back to my original payment source or account and I replied them within 10 minutes after I received the email that, yes please refund on my credit card/original source.
Today I received another email that they already refunded to my account and it will take another 5 days to appear.

I need my money back dear Envato !!!


Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you.


@unlockdesign He’s asking to get the refund to his credit card, he’s not asking IF he could get the refund
but @apotis, send another email if they understand how you’d like to get the refund, if it doesn’t work, contact the support and create a new ticket.

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I already wrote them and asked them again to put my money back to my card and not to my account. What is the reason of asking if they will still do the way they want and money on the account is just numbers not real money, so they just want to keep my money.

Hello @apotis! I am sure that they will do it earlier (than they indicated 3-5 business days with a margin), because everyone is working remotely now (field conditions, so to speak).

I do not recommend you to worry! I think they gave you a clear answer, good luck! Please, wait…

Hi @apotis

don’t worry! just reply the email you received and let them know that you want the money back to my original payment source instead of your account. envato support team will take care this.


Hi, everyone. Just want to let you know that after reaching out Envato team, they refunded money on my card instead of account as they mentioned before and the issue is resolved. Thank You Envato team and all who provided their feedback under this topic.