refund my money

Refund my money, its been 20 days accepted refund but my money not credited to my bank account and I open 2-3 support tickets but they did not reply.

Creating multiple tickets won’t get you to solve the problem faster, unlikely it would cause more issues.

If you have received the information/email from Envato that the money has been refunded, it may take up to 2-3 weeks to see the amount on your “bank account” as it’s related to your bank after the refund.

Contact your bank and ask an update.

It’s now 1 month where is my money.

Have you contacted your bank?

Yes I still contact my bank in last 3 days. I need that money it’s to important

Any update from the bank ? It shouldn’t take that long.

Are Any one check my issues ?

Contact Envato support.

I opened a support ticket yesterday but still no reply…

It may take 5-6 working days, they are a bit slow.

After waiting for three or four days, this mail is coming, should I reply or wait?

Just wait for around 3-4 more days. If no reply, send a reminder email ( Do not create a new ticket but just reply on the current one )