I have refund request from 28 Jun 2022, How long I get my money to bank account?

Hi guys I need help here.
I have sent 2 tickets to Envato customer service with ticket numbers 2812081 and 2805145 but no one replies to my text about the refund.

I have a refund request from 28 Jun 2022, How long do I get my money to the bank account?
The current status is Type: Manual Adjustment Detail: Envato Credit Refund - Braintree

If it’s an envato credit refund then it will not be returned to your bank and will instead be available as credit to buy other items.

How did you pay originally? Direct with credit/debit card or using envato credits?

Have you already downloaded the items?

From 28 June until now 18 July I still not receive my money back. Also I don’t see any envato credit on my account.
I paid using my own credit card.
Could you see attachment above please?

Only support can see the status - you would need to open a ticket (if you have not already) Envato Market Help and Support

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I have open 3 ticket but no one reply my text. I just need the staff here to reply what going on my current refund status