Refund Approved (2 months ago) but refund not received

I bought a theme 2 months ago from ThemeForest I tried it for a day and found out that it have a lot of problems with WordPress plugins so I did request a refund, 4 days after that the refund was approved and they sent me an email telling me that I will get the refund on my bank account within 3-6 days. I send them an email after 10 days telling them that I didn’t receive the refund and they responded in 2 days telling me that there is a problem with my bank and they didn’t process the refund for that reason so I called my bank and they said there is no problem from our end so I emailed ThemeForest telling them that there is no problem with my bank and btw (i got a refund from amazon recently without any problem) after that and for the past 2 months they don’t respond to my emails and when they do it’s a bot responses.

Hi @ibraheemhatoqai1,

Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


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open an Envato Customer support help ticket and let them know??? Man i sent more than 10 tickets without any response in the past 2 months

Multiple tickets can make more delay to get response. If you didn’t open a new ticket within last 10 days then create a new one with proper subject title. Please keep patience hope they will reply you as quickly they can (upto within 7 business days for new ticket). In forum we will not be able to help you except send you in the right direction. Thanks