Did not received the refund

I requested a refund for a theme that I bought and the refund accepted by author. now it’s been 8 days but still, I did not receive the refund and can’t find an option to ask about this. what should I do now, looking for a solution

Refund process may take a while but it may be credited to your account already. Please, check your balance first. If there’s nothing there, wait few more days. If you still haven’t heard and not received any email, you should contact Envato support for the details

I checked the bank account and did not received the refund. yes i’m going to wait few more days and did not get any email after the confirmation email from Envato. can you please tell me, how to contact the Envato for this matter, because it’s very confusing to find a option to inquire about this.

Thanks for your reply

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