regarding refund request

hey there i did not receive refund on my bank account? but in codecanyon account its saying it has been refunded on statement, please help.

The money may be refunded to your Envato account. Please, go to the CodeCanyon and check with the top right section if you have credit already.

Not sure when the approval has done but the other thing, assuming that you have paid with the credit card, the refund may take few days to be process at your bank. Just give few more days and if you still don’t hear anything, contact Envato support

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oh, so if i have paid via card, so i will get in my bank again? right

In most cases, refund will be returned the way how you paid but in some cases, Envato credit may be added to your account

Hi @anantsparrow12,

Have you checked your Envato account and your Statement page?
If item Author approved refund request and received the refund approval email from Envato then the refund money should to credited into your envato account within three to five business days and you will be able to see statements in the Statement page.

Otherwise please open Help ticket and let them know. They will be happy to assist you.