Refund not received

I’ve been granted a refund 8 days ago and still haven’t received anything so far, does it usually take FOREVER like this? I’m unable to proceed with my project without the refund and it’s so disappointing!

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I have the same problem.
The author issued refund to me, which was acknowledged by Envato, and does not show at all. They are playing with our money. When an author agrees, it should take less than a minute to click refund client buttons.
And so difficult to find contact buttons for support ticket etc.
They are so big, Hey Envato, prove to us that your are working for clients too and not only grabbing our money


Very true, couldn’t find any support means as well. I feel like we’re talking to ourselves in this forum lol, nobody’s here from Envato to help!!!

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If you paid with Paypal or credit card. you can file a dispute.
There has to be a way to force Envato for better support communication.
But they made so many millions that they do not care about customer service.
There are vendors here with programs 8 years old, never updated, and then other vendors have bad comments a book full, and Envato does not take action.
and when you get a refund, any review you made will be deleted,
so we only see reviews from people who keep the products, and I read several times,
that bad reviews have been erased anyhow.
Motto is: sell, sell, sell

For reference - if you dispute purchases with payment providers then your full account will be blocked (including access to any item that you have purchased) until that is resolved.

We can’t comment on individual refund cases, and understand why it would be frustrating, but disputing the payment is not a good idea of at all avoidable.

if your refund approved by the item author then your refund process will be processed within 7 business days. may be current global pandemic causing some more delay. envato support refund process team will process the refund as quickly they can. Thanks for your patience

Hi Moderators, appreciate that you try to defend a million dollar company. I am not sure if everyone lives in the 21st century, computer, smartphones, watches all live connected in the Internet, and functions like One-click this and that, and they need 3-5-7 days to process a simple refund.
Please, it’s called hold on the money as long as you can.
In addition, there are no proper contact or ticket submission possibilities on the sites. Only after googling and going though 20+ links in search engines, I found a contact form.
Worst setup for consumers.
Maybe they need a wake up call from the consumer protection agency in Australia, or from an AG, who knows.
sorry to be negative and harsh, but frustration with such delays is growing.
thanks anyhow

If your refund was approved by author then it is just a matter of time until it gets processed. Please be patient.
While it may literally take one second for Envato staff to process the refund, it may take a lot of days until it even gets to a staff member so he can click that button. I assume they get through hundreds of support tickets daily. It shouldn’t take so long, but neither you, nor I know the real reason behind that. Maybe there are some objective reasons. I assume that hiring and training new support staff during the pandemic is not that easy to do.
Spreading negative energy in forum won’t get it sorted faster. Please keep calm.

Hi @onegerman and @ARMEDHEAD

We don’t have access to check the refund status but you can check it going to the refund details page. if the refund approved by author you will find here:
and click your refund ticket, it will take you to the details page where you can see the status.

please make sure it has already past 7 days after author approved the refund. Also please make sure author has approved the refund.

If approved more than 7 days ago you can open a help ticket and let customer know.
Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


You keep saying 7 days even though It’s been 8 now , 9 tomorrow and 10 days after tomorrow, I’m losing time here, and my project has stopped cos of this delay!

sorry! to know that your refund not processed till today please check my last reply just above replied for onegerman

I clicked the link. My refund was accepted by the author 8 days ago, yet, my refund doesn’t show in the “Refund Requests” page. What feels frustrating is the fact not being able to anyone except “Volunteer Community Moderators” (with my whole respect to you guys), I paid $5 elsewhere and received a way better costumer service!!

to check already approved/decline request going through:
Refunds page then you have to select ‘Closed Request’ there you will find your closed request. click the concerned request it will take you refund request details page where in right side you will see the request status.

Nothing shows in the Closed Request

in Open Request?

Nothing too

then really something wrong if you requested for refund then the request must should to exist in refund page. Please contact customer support, link provided above (help ticket) and let them know details when you requested and how you came to know that author approved.

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Done, thank you!

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I have the same issue, nothing shows, and only refers to:

Refund requests made against items you sold and then open or closed and their is nothing listed, Only that their is no open and no closed case.

I am not a seller, I was a buyer.
Sorry to say, this Envato system is so fu…ed up, that even a patient person can lose their temper.
If I do not have a clear response and payment by Monday, I will contact the ACCC about the ACL protection, and initiate a complaint against the company.
The Internet offers a lot of avenue to get voices heard, maybe it is time to start platform and collect all the unhappy people with their experience and maybe that will wake the leaders up.
No company is too big to stand above consumer satisfaction and compliance.