Refund pending from so many days

i have to buy theme from Wordpress, with my mistake i bought opencart theme which was not supported with my installation. So I asked refund from this in envato site, and I got response,they asked me to buy the new theme, which i already did. But i did not see any refund message.

And I am waiting for my money refund for more than 1month, still i dont see any update .

Can you let me know how many days it will take for refund process. This is really bad you should atleast update me


Did you get back to them and tell them you’d already bought the other theme? What did they say after that… anything?

Yes , I did then they asked me to provide license. So i gave them the licence of new theme that i brought.

And after that no response from 24-JAn-2018.


Strange. Might be worth raising a ticket with support… if an author won’t issue a refund then Envato can take a look for you.

Envato Help & Support Center

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