I have made 2 purchases on this themeforest platform but I am very disappointed

I have made 2 purchases on this themeforest platform but I am very disappointed, because I have made the payments and the template have been deleted and there is no notice or compensation for these, so I ask you to help how it works in these forms, because no one is containing responsibility …
someone should be held accountable and come out to give explanations or compensate me because those who throw any material have come out as a guarantee, I want someone to be held responsible for these scams
is the year 2021 we can no longer have any of these forms of fraud, please do something I ask for paid materials or to reward me for the payments made and for the morale that have bothered me

When did you buy the items? If these were very recent purchases then you would potentially be entitled to a refund

As envato do not own the files for sale they ar eunable to guarantee the lifespan and avalaibility/updates to these - this is why it is part of the T&Cs of buying from here.

For what it is worth it is the same with all other marketpalces that operate this author-owned model.

not even 1 week that I bought a product and when I saw it now to work I was very upset because I noticed that it was no longer … so it happens that no one has responsibility and it means that it is not unsafe for us to continue making purchases on this platform, I will leave once and for all after what has happened

if it was that recent then:

  1. It might just be temporarily disabled

  2. You can reach out to support who I would have thought would refund a purchase that is that recent Submit a request – Envato Market Help Center