Scamming on Envato - Theme taken down days after I bought


Is scamming on Envato now reality? Kickstarter for the creatives?

I recently bought 3 licenses of the Fevr Theme just to be taken down days after I bought it. With bugs still presented in it.

Do you really need to penalize your paying customers too because you have a dispute with a vendor?
How about just disabling the buy button instead of taking it down completely?
How about doing a custom dispute process with the vendors instead of just throwing out automated penalties (like happened with Soledad) that affect your buyers too. Not even providing an explanation to those who paid.

As it is now it seems more safe to buy themes that are sold on their own respective website instead of Envato with its policies.

UPDATE: I just got an update from a fevr team member: Fevr was removed by an Envato mistake and will come back in a couple of days.

Is it definitely removed permanently or has the author just soft disabled it while they bug fix?

If it was a very recent purchase then you may we’ll be entitled to a refund.

Envato don’t own the files so if the author wants to remove it then they can’t stop that.

… and it seems that the item was sold with support -
so even if it’s removed, support is still active

I bought this theme aswell and did not even have chance to download or use it.

Do I wait a couple days to see if it get reuploaded or do you just submit a refund?

A growing number of themes I now buy on themeforest are just taken down like this and never reupped… Im not made of money and this is now putting me off buying themes all together.

If this happens soon after purchase you may well get a refund.

The issue is that there may be many different reasons why it happens (it’s not v common) and the model where authors own the rights to files not envato is what make envato so successful in terms of quantity and quality generally.

You should email the author and ask if they are fixing it.

You can contact the author via its profile:

The thing with Envato is that once the author decide to remove its item from market, Envato can’t keep the files on its servers anymore for copyright reasons.

Bottomline: try to get in touch with author (via his profile) and ask him if the theme will be available again soon. If not, or you don’t get answer at all, then you definitely should contact Envato Help and ask for refund.

BTW, my wild guess is that theme won’t be coming back. They made 1600+ sales with almost no revenue (due to super low price) because they thought they will stay in popular list even after they raise the price, which did not happened. Now good luck supporting those 1600+ buyers which made you almost no money, with dead sales. Author probably took a shorter route by just deleting the theme. This is obviously only my speculation. If I am wrong, feel free to remove this “BTW” part of my post.

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Just contact the support for refund

Also wondering, how much money did you pay to purchase? 26$?

@ctekk @marcush90 this is why you should pay more attention to item stability, quality, author reputation, etc. The fact it was around ~ $13 or something like this, signals that something’s off.

While i understand your frustration, Envato cannot be held accountable for this because all items (and rights) belong to their respective authors.


You gotta be kidding! Seriously? Then the customers shouldn’t be complaining about it

May be the author caught up with real fever after selling fevr theme at $13. :joy:

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low price = sales but doesn’t mean good revenue, 1600 customers to support is a lot and will take up a lot of time BUT if you are selling a WP theme for $13, you make a max of 45c per file (depends what tax rate you have with USA).

1600 x 45c is $720 - average developer per hour, maybe $25, which would mean they would have been “paid” for less than 30 hours of work in building and maintaining a WP theme.

30 hours isn’t enough to cover the time to build the theme, let alone do all the support.

This is why you shouldn’t price low to sell high, sell at a price that makes you enough money to cover your costs and to be able to sustain a living.

The theme may have just been disabled because of issues with the theme, give it a few days or email the author to see if it will be coming back, if not send a support request to Envato requesting a refund and see what they say.

Authors own the items so they can remove them at any time with no notice so be aware this can happen so be prepared to lose a few themes in the process. I have bought around 25 WP themes I think and i can think of 6 have been removed, mostly due to age and some due to massive issues.

The reason why I blame Envato is, that they had a dispute with the Soledad creators and just decided to make a soft ban for 3 months!

On the fevr topic I justed guessed that it’s something similar - and I was right (read below).

Do they realize they are penalizing the buying customers too - not only the selling ones?

Anyway, there is a conclusion to the fevr thing:
According to a fevr team member they removed the theme by mistake because the envato reviewer wasn’t fully aware of the envato policies. Should be back up soon.

The reason why I even made this post (vs not making it at the soledad theme) is that this one is really special. Don’t get me wrong - it’s not perfect but it has a lot of potential and is definitely one of the runner ups that I really appreciate that they have success in sales.

For me it was the unfolding footer feature together with a well thought out package of features that made me buy fevr. It just didn’t look like scam at all and I’m really relieved that it’s not scam.

€dit: and just for the record: soledad is awesome too if you seek a magazine / blog theme.