Protection Needed for Dismissed/Discontinued Themes.

Hi all, this is not the first time I purchased and set up a theme or a plugin and when I found a bug or need to update, I discover the product is no longer supported.
It’s incredible to me that Envato is not protecting customers for such situations.
The only thing you see is

Download not available
Item removed by either staff or the author

This is damage because, in cases like this one, you have to

  1. notify the customer about the problem.
  2. Purchase another plugin
  3. customize it with additional costs for the customers.

Envato should think about a specific policy to protect customers in cases like this.
I have plenty of themes/plugins in such a situation and I’m tired to see that nobody cares.
Except me and my customers.

After into the thousands of purchases we probably face this with about 35% of our items

I don’t think that it’s true that anyone doesn’t care about this issue.

The unfortunate fact is that to do much about this would require envato completely altering what makes them different and allows them the quality and quantity of items. This in turn would hurt most buyers longer term also.

Aside from the impact on both authors and buyers, the logistical and resource for Envato would be also hugely significant.

While it’s not an ideal situation it’s a small price to pay for the deal buyers get


I think this is an interesting feature that Envato could add.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to compensate one template at the expense of another, it is impossible to foresee the price tag of the author, the amount of material and because of copyright in that number :sweat_smile:

If you want to return the money you bought a theme, create a ticket in Envato support, they can help you.

This is also an additional burden on the market, I think it will be superfluous

I think the envato team somehow checks the authors before entering their market


This wouldn’t work

  1. can’t be done because envato don’t own the copyright so authors can remove items as/when they want

  2. totally unfair on authors - again envato don’t own items so any purchase impacts the individual authors

  3. again envato don’t own the copyright so have no right to amend or modify the item or continue to sell it if the author wants to remove it

Ultimately (speaking as a buyer) we all agreed to how things worked when signing up and knew the potential risk

I need to tighten up my knowledge of copyright, I’ll break it somewhere

Effectively the fact that envato don’t own the copyright to files is what makes them different and what they have so so many more (and generally higher standard) items compared to just about all other marketplaces.

Unfortunately it’s also the reason envato can’t guarantee lifespan, enforce updates or support etc.

It’s not in their interest either for customers to have bad experiences and they do what they can to limit things wherever possible.

Changing this would be self-destructive for envato and long term detrimental to everyone. Regretfully there is no half way point - it’s all or nothing.

Nobody at Envato cares.
And you don’t have to reinvent your business model to take care about this problem guys.

Envato is not different than other marketplaces.
I work with other marketplaces and they also leave full copyright to the owner.
In fact, they also leave lifetime access to the content purchased.

Here, If I forgot to download at least the last update, and the author has removed the item, I Can’t do that!
Envato should at least give this possibility and recognize a credit for each item removed so we can purchase an alternative, always in the same marketplace.

Could you please share an example of one of the ones you have worked with which are doing this? (Especially for websites and themes?).

It would be really interesting to see how they do it

Indeed, finding a solution for this problem would be great. Happened to my twice and on one occasion didnt even had the chance to download the theme.Also it would be great if we could have a reason why an item was removed.

FYI: If you had not downloaded it then you almost certainly would have got a refund.

Unfortunately, as per above - envato don’t own the items or the copyright so authors can remove items as and when they please, and envato have no rights to either question that or share any info related to it with anyone else.

We’ve faced this issue on numerous occasions and fully sympathise, but we’re certain that if there was a way to improve how things work (same goes for support updates, reviews etc.) then envato would implement it as it serves to benefit them too.

Again, I would appreciate someone showing me a similar marketplace that works the way envato does and operates differently with themes and websites.

the solution is:
refund the amount you spent for the discontinued item so you can purchase something similar in the same marketplace.
Let the user be able to download the latest version giving lifetime access to the download.

I work with Udemy and if I decide to delete a course I can do that but people enrolled into the course will be able to access the content they purchased whenever they want - lifetime access.

And I still maintain my copyright rights.

I’ve never seen a marketplace which gives forever refunds for items that have been removed (outside of agreed period e.g. for envato the 6 month support period).

The thing is that Udemy is not the same as envato - for example, courses live online whereas web templates/themes would have been downloadable i.e. allowing ongoing access.

Udemy also only allow continued access to courses for which ‘they have a license’. So, if the author removed the course or retracted the license then you would not be able to access the course any more, which is exactly what happens when items are removed from envato

Again I am very happy to be proven wrong and I am certain that envato would love to see an example of a marketplace that sells web templates/themes, and operates the same business model, yet also offers lifelong refunds, access etc.

Nobody said that Udemy is the same as Envato, that’s why here, at Envato, they have to found a different solution in my opinion.

So, if the author removed the course or retracted the license then you would not be able to access the course any more - No, you are wrong - lifetime access to all purchased courses.

AGAIN -. Envato has to develop a policy that both protects buyers and sellers here.
And the title of this topic, to me, is a big problem in the marketplace.

With respect that’s not true on Udemy:

“…You will continue to have access to the course after you complete it, provided that your account’s in good standing, and Udemy continues to have a license to the course…”

You are not the first person to raise this topic, but, it would appear that perhaps there is a good reason for it working this way, given that:

  • no one has ever been able to provide an example of a marketplace selling themes/templates and doing this

  • it makes no sense for envato not to resolve this challenge if it was that simple

It still seems like a reasonable risk to take given what buyers get for the price, especially given that envato don’t hide this issue and all buyers agree to the possibility of this happening.

Out of genuine interest, if this is a pain point (not just for you but some other buyers too), do they are accept and agree to it?

With respect, it’s clear you are not a Udemy instructor.
You have lifetime access even if you have not finished the course and bla bla.
But the point here is not Udemy or another marketplace, it’s Envato and its policy.

Again, the topic is not “provide another marketplace…”
and I can’t see any effort from Envato to resolve this challenge, at the mo.

Deleting an Item from the marketplace is a problem.

That’s my point of view, you can accept it or not.
I’m repeating myself.

I have to point out though, that sometimes, because of the large volume of items, some items that are copy cats slip through the review process. Then, the item gets 10 - 100 customers before the author of the original product discovers it and DMCA’s the copy.

What then? I understand, you purchased it, and in most cases you get a full refund, but why would you want a DMCA-able item? You can get into a heap of trouble with that.

never had/request a refund for a deleted item

nobody wrote nothing about 10 - 100 customers or DMCA’s problems here

You’re right I am not a Udemy instructor but the point above is direct from their website. Happy to agree to disagree esp. as you said it’s not the same as envato, so not entirely relevant.

Likewise to avoid repeating ourselves, I would simply reiterate that:

  • I’d still be interested to hear why people agree to how things work if it’s such a big problem?

  • It seems clear that it’s not something easily overcome if no one can show anywhere else doing it

  • It would be naive to think that envato don’t care or would not put a solution in place if there was one as it would benefit them as much as buyers.

If anyone does have a workable solution then I am certain that envato would love to see it in action.