Suggestions to help customers about "This item is no longer available"

I bought a theme and now is no more available :frowning:
The author didn’t give any notice about that, they simply disappear.

The theme is this:

I know that I can’t do anything about that but:

  • How about leave some info inside deleted product so customers can talk to each other?
  • Another help could be send a notice to customers and give them some days (15?) to download the file before it will be gone forever

What do you think about this?
Have you some other suggestions on how Envato could manage this kind of situation?

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It’s been discussed 1000+ times and unfortunately:

  • Allowing users to keep chatting on official channels could be awkward in case someone was to give bad advice that caused issues with other peoples’ site.

  • As it is now envato don’t own the files so when the author chooses to remove the file that’s up to them.

Potentially if envato completely changed their agreements to allow them to store the files somehow or enforce a pre-removal period that could work but as it is now it is not possible.

The thing is, author’s have the right to remove their items any time they want, so if Envato were to force them to keep items on the site for a set amount of time then it would be a very different business model.

You need to keep copyright issues into account as well. If Envato kept any such item on the site for 15 days then they’d be partly liable for any issues that might arise as a result of that.

I know it;s a pain, I’ve had items removed from my downloads that I’d rather they hadn’t been… but I guess there’s not much we can do about it unfortunately. Best to make sure you back up any purchases and if you’ve not yet downloaded them, then you can contact support for a refund.

Remove if inappropriate but it’s relevant.

Use your own Backup to Cloud system to avoid situations like this:

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If the item is removed because of copyright issues ok… but if it’s removed for other reasons envato could send the delete notice with attached the latest package to the customers.

wow now that theme is back but with no support… I think that they will retire it after all che customers will end their support