My Purchased Item of Martfury theme was removed out of

Hello Envato Team,

I am getting surprised since my purchased item of “Martfury - WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme” was removed out of the site. So please let me know how can I get the up-to-date of theme?

Thank you,


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If your purchased theme removed from Envato then there is no option to get the next update till that Item will get back. If removed permanently then no option.

In that case, why Envato was not informed buyers before the item removed?

We buy items from Envato but not from the others. And in case the item removed permanently, mean Envato has no protect your customer!

may be there are any specific reason to remove the theme. please if you have any query open Help ticket and let them know. Envato is very much caring about customer.

So I will wait for next few days, if the item still not get back, I will open a ticket then.

Thank you,

Just for clarity - Envato handle the purchase but the item copyright remains with the author (this is how they can offer the quality and quantity they do).

As a result Envato have no control over authors removing items as and when they want.


Hello themeforest,

what is going on with the “Martfury” Theme. Why do YOU have removed this theme???

We bought it from YOU and YOU removed it. So we want to know why YOU did that!

Is there a security issue with the theme?

As a customer, we have to know that. Please do not hide anything.

I expect an answer.

Regards, Chris

You can contact support but they will not be able to discuss the reasons that an item was removed.

How do you know envato removed it and not the author?

More info here


Because of this info from the author:

“…ThemeForest has disabled this Martfury theme without any warning. We are contacting them and ask them to enable it again. Hope they can explain well and enable the theme as soon as possible…”

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“they will not be able to discuss the reasons that an item was removed”

That is a bad policy. For example if you bought an item from themeforest and it was removed for copyright/trademark infringement or because of a security issue customers need to know.

I have martfury and I am very annoyed by this removal…by themeforest do I just delete it from my site do I carry on using it… I have no idea what I should do legally or for security reasons.

Also I have bought themes in the past whereby the theme author gets it removed and then uploads it again under a new author name to increase sales (You could tell it same author as they used the same demo site and forgot to get rid of their old themeforest name in the themes footer). Hopefully this wont be the case with martfury.

This sort of thing totally puts me off buying things from envato.

They won’t be able to discuss it because they do not own the rights to the item to be allowed to. It really isn’t envato being difficult- just simple case of privacy and item ownership.

As for people reuploading - I have seen this a couple of times but in both cases the item was removed soon after as it is not allowed and should be reported to envato

whats the author forum address which i can discuss and probably take a look at their manual update?


WTF is going on here?!?!??! i bought the Martfury theme, wanted to download the files and BOOM ist deleted.

What can i do now? They stealed my Money, i couldnt download files! Why i get no Info About a deleted Theme? Thats a bad customer support.

How do you feel if you bought something and you cant use it?

Is there any info why they deleted it? If ist cause a trojan or Virus we Need to know that!

There’s more info here - but they won’t discuss the details with anyone but the author

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its not ok just to delete Services and themes without an info to the customers, thats not the way to get customers happy… and i thought its good when customers are happy in this century?!

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I highly doubt it is about not wanting to make customers happy - more likely to do with privacy etc. especially as it’s in the T&Cs of buying here, and would be the same on other marketplaces etc.

For what it’s worth envato don’t just delete items for the sake of it - there has to be a reason behind it, whether that might be copyright, author behaviour, etc.

ok but if there any Copyright issues, wouldnt it be a nice move to inform the customers About that? i think yes, because the customers use this themes and have to know if there are any Copyright issues with the theme…

I agree with papillon121 an automatic refund should be given if a theme is taken offline because of “copyright” reasons as that would mean customer has bought something not legal in the first place and cannot be used!

Moreover can land your own site in hot water if you are using something copyrighted and not legit.

i wrote Furion Themes Support Team and i got this answer


ThemeForest has disabled this the theme without any warning. We are contacting them and ask them to enable it again. Hope they can explain well and enable the theme as soon as possible.


So the whole Thing is very strange!


I REALLY wanted to know WHY they deleted this great theme.

Envato Support told my this:

Upon checking, it looks like we’ve had to permanently remove Martfury - WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme from the Market as we have received a complaint about the item.

Unfortunately once a file is permanently removed or deleted from our system, the item can no longer be offered for download.