About Author Violation

Last November I bought an e-commerce theme but this theme has been deleted by the author. Theme name was martfury! Author reply that themeforest team disable this theme without any warning. But this time I have seen that this theme full copy was approved with shopify theme by the roartheme. Why this author violated customer right? Shamed on you guys! We need author claim option that If any author disables or deleted any theme then must refund at first or themeforest disable author profile.

There are two issues here:

  1. the reason that envato removes an item (assuming they did) does not necessarily prevent the item being created in a different format

  2. envato don’t own the copyright to items - this is what sets the marketplace apart in terms of quality and quantity. As such the T&Cs state that they can’t guarantee the lifespan of an item and could not prevent an author removing the item as and when they want.

That all said if your purchase was under 6 months old then it may be worth reaching out to support to see if they would be willing to consider a refund

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