Poor Quality Themes

I am so fed up these poor quality, full of bugs and poor documentation Wordpress Themes that Envato / Themeforest are allowing on their website. I really find it hard to believe that these themes are tested before they are put on the market for sale.
Many themes lack basic functionalities. Show terrible on mobile devices, something is always off, etc. As a customer you pay for support and then have to wait sometimes a whole week to get a response while your website is in mayhem. Just fed-up of all theses hustlers calling themselves ‘Authors’ . A nice bunch with no shame.
So after you pelt out on average $60.00 for a theme that gives you sleepless nights and stress for days and weeks with no hope in sight the worst is to ask for a refund for that is another story.
Envato needs to start demanding quality from their Authors. They may have the largest Wordpress market online but even Goliath was eventually destroyed. Customers are who makes your sales and profit and if the customers are unhappy they would eventually leave and look elsewhere.

I can sympathize. Although I have actually had very good luck with most of the themes/frames I have purchased through Envato, there have been a few that were poorly done and I was simply out-of-pocket.

One thing I look for now is to read through all the comments at the theme description page. When I see a developer telling people to take the discussion to an email or closed forum, I am immediately put off because it is obvious they are trying to hide something. The best frames I have purchased came from authors that are fully transparent and answer almost all questions right on the comment section and only ask for a private follow-up when it serves to protect the customer’s privacy. That is ethical support that I can trust!

Good luck to you and I hope this will help you find a theme/frame with better quality and support!