Bad quality themes

Has anyone else had any bad quality themes or themes that are just not worth the price tag?

I’ve had a few now and it’s always really difficult to argue to get your money back.

I just spent £60 on a theme that looked hot on site, but when I tried to use it, it was really not user friendly and not nice to look at at all.

I was asked to “prove” it’s faulty functionality. By that point I just gave up and took the hit. Used a completely different theme from another site as I was so annoyed.

Has anyone had this issue?

Hey there @Loni123, terribly sorry to hear about this experience! You are 100% entitled to a refund if the theme is faulty and if the author rejects your refund request you can fill in the form on Envato Help and Support and they will investigate the issue. If the bug is confirmed, you’re getting a refund without any complications from the authors behalf.

Themes and products that are described to have certain features must have those features and must be functional. If they are not, a bug fix must be issued immediately or a refund. If the author fails to help you can always count on Envato to have your back!