Removal of Customers Reviews

It is interesting that when Buyers leave their honest reviews if it is under 3 stars that it is being removed. So unsuspecting Buyers are being given the false impression that a theme is good because when you look at the review you see only 5 stars and may be a 4 star. Only to be fooled when you do purchase the theme, that the theme is either broken or full of bugs.

Unfortunately, this marketplace have become an outlet for hustlers. It is like no one is really checking these Wordpress Themes before they are put up for sale.

So Authors and Envato make money while Buyers are left out of pocket with a theme that do not work as the Demo.

As a Buyer you want to get your project off the ground so you try and try with a buggy theme and then out of frustration and wasted time you inevitably give up and purchase another theme based on the reviews and again you end up on crappy street because the reviews were false.

It is a vicious cycle where as a Buyer you always loose. When I first joined this Marketplace I used to tell everyone about it because I thought it was a Gem of a website, but I no longer share this view. This marketplace has become a corruptible marketplace full of new Beta Testers, with most of them apparently not having a good command of English. This is reflected in their themes language, documentations and their support responses.

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Open a help ticket they would like to assist you.


Hi kokotee,

Well said, except even 3 and 4 star review will be removed at an author’s whim. I too was under the impression that Envato treated buyers fairly but it looks like they side with the author. I’ll give you an example. I left this 3-star review:

Having spent some time with the theme, I’m not too impressed considering the high price point. The options for header, footer and typography are limited and the styling options aren’t not laid out clearly. You’ll need to have working knowledge of CSS to get things configured properly.

Customer service was helpful at first but at one point left the site unusable and was unwilling to fix it until I had left a negative review. I changed my review to 4 stars and they weren’t happy with that and threatened to have my account closed if I didn’t change it 5 stars. While I still have 5 months of support left, I won’t be using it as I’m not very confident in their ability to support the site without messing it up again. So make sure you’ve made backups before letting them do anything.

…and it was removed. As far as I can see, it doesn’t violate any of the guidelines explained here:

I received no explanation from Envato even after opening a case with them and sending screenshots of the whole conversation clearly showing the author admitting to his mistake and threatening me with account closure. In other words, I have evidence to back it up. The author probably only sent them a snippet out-of-context but apparently that’s enough for them to ‘prove their case’ for removal. Total BS.

So yea, I won’t be recommending Envato and suggest for people to really do their homework before buying. A big clue, as you mentioned, is their command of English. If it’s poor, you can expect that the product will be of inferior quality. By not allowing critical reviews they really do both the buyer and authors a disservice. Shame on you Envato!