Quality Control On WordPress Themes?

Hiya all,

Just curious as to what has happened to the quality of the WordPress themes over the past week or two…

Seems as though that someone with below average dev skills has gone through the PSD design list, offered the original designer to develop it for them and made a real mess of a few… There just seems to be a lot of really basic styling errors that seem to be popping up on various themes (more so in the newer ones - last two weeks) …

Feeling like the standards/quality of WP themes are dropping a little…

Am I the only one thinking this?



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Yes, I also noticed this thing across WP, PSD and also HTML Templates categories.

By far, the HTML templates category is full extremely low quality new items. I’m sure, the reviewing process just got relaxed this is too much, in my opinion :frowning:

Maybe there are some new reviewers without without having any strong design-visual skills; because as you just mentioned, some of the new approved items contains a lot of really basic styling errors. Maybe because of Envato Elements…don’t know.

This was just my conclusion :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

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Nothing new

Agree, I’m with you

Well, for $29 themes what would you expect? :slight_smile:

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I agree, there’re so much low quality theme approved in last year. That’s didn’t happen 2 year ago.


I think Envato chose quantity over quality :frowning:

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