CodeCanyon author experience on ThemeForest [ThemeReject]

Hey everyone,

To be honest, i don’t know if i should even bother asking questions here on the forum, because in all my time being a CodeCanyon author i’ve read many similar topics and never with a resolution, only guesses about what could be the issue.

I’m extremely disappointed of how things are now managed on Envato markets and how they are handling the rejection, promoting or/and supporting an author, and to be clear we started this simple clean HTML theme after we attended the Envato meetup in Bucharest, seeing @James so excited about the new changes coming to Envato everywhere, basically this was the main reason that got us to think about joining the themeforest market too ( after being for a CodeCanyon author for over a year ).

Email content: “… unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Note: “The submitted HTML theme is derivative from our accepted, featured and selling item on CodeCanyon”

So this was my experience with ThemeForest!

Thanks ThemeForest!

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I am just starting coding wordpress themes. To be honest I am worried this will happen to me as well.

Envato should pay more attention and be constructive abut this rejects.

I am curious, can you please post a link with the theme.

I am really sorry you had to experience this.

The market is really over-saturated and people try to upload generic themes are not what Envato are really looking for from what I read on the forums anyway.

I guess to succeed there these days you should really offer something that just scream PREMIUM!

@FWDesign To be honest i would be worried too. I’m just shocked with this hard reject on a simple HTML theme that is derivative from an application PHP selling on CodeCanyon and FEATURED by envato on CodeCanyon. just shocking.

@Stachethemes Our Theme is a niche theme where all the other themes have poor feedback so i think there’s a place for it.

I agree 100% if they want to auto reject for saturation but if they want to go that way then they should provide a tool to check your keywords of the theme or something like that before you can start developing.
It’s unacceptable to work on a theme 6 months for example (not our case) and get hard reject because the market is overwhelmed with that kind of themes, don’t you agree?

I don’t really think they auto reject a theme, I’m pretty sure there is a reason for that. I’m not really familiar with the Theme Forest approval process, but from my experience on CodeCanyon last 6 years things definitely changed.

Can you post a link to the theme to see for what are we talking?

@Stachethemes Because it’s an HTML theme i prefer not to include a direct link that is crawled by the web yet. I will send you the link via private message now.

YEs I am in that situation it will take a looooottt of time to make my theme and to get a hard reject would be more then a disappointment.