My HTML theme got rejected

My HTML Theme got rejected.

Please tell me the reasons so i take care of them in future. Thank you

Is it your own original theme you’ve coded yourself from the scratch?

It’s irrelevant - as per your other thread it was resubmitted on another marketplace under a different name but you will never be able to sell that version there and this version on envato as an exclusive author

Yeah, i did code it from the scratch. Can you please enlighten me the possible reasons of it’s rejection?

He does not have an exclusive badge, but it doesn’t matter in this case. This is pretty shady.

He ripped off these themes:

Which are BTW from the same author just a different account, which is also a bit interesting and Envato should take a look at it.

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Gotta love fantasy of these scammers like them being some cool hip tech people

@charlie4282 I do understand you that we have uploaded this theme to another marketplace but we uploaded it after getting rejection from themeforest. And i’m not going to resubmit here again as it is already approved from other marketplace.

What i want from you is that please give me your suggestions that why it’s not approved on themeforest, what were our weaknesses?

What should we keep in mind for the next time?

Thank you

I won’t get disheart from your comments because you’re some bully boy. i will keep making themes with more effect and will get approved one day. and surely will send you a link of that :smiley :
Untill then keep calm and support people for their efforts. And think before you speak.

with respect @FairyMeadowsThemes you are exclusive author at envato market but selling item on another marketplace. just my personal opinion if you turn your account to no-exclusive and then try to get approve at envato market will be easy to get approve because as an exclusive author at envato market you are not allowed to sell family product on another marketplace.

Thank you for your reply @mgscoder, i appreciate that.

But we only upload items to other marketplace which get rejection from themeforest. i hope now you understand us. now please also give your suggestion why “Find Home” couldn’t approved. what could be the reasons of rejections?

Thank you

I didn’t checked any of your demos. So, I have no comment about your item quality.

you need to try tounderstand what others replying here. @charlie4282 clearly mentioned that you are not allowed to sell your relevant product to another market. also I tried to mention the same thing.

Does exclusivity extend to related items?
Yes. If you choose to make an item available on an exclusive basis, then any items you create in the same Product Family must also be sold/distributed exclusively on Envato.

More information here:

Also you should to check exclusive policy at envato market.


@mgscoder Thank you for your reply.

Ok, one more time, because it seems like some people probably haven’t read this thread properly:

You ripped off existing themes on ThemeForest.

I know it. You know it. Stop the charade.

i will keep making themes with more effect and will get approved one day

Translation: “I will make sure to cover all the traces better next time I will be ripping off other items.”

@mgscoder please take a look at the source code of his item and compare it to those two I shared earlier. Exclusivity / non-exclusivity is really not a main issue here. The guy is a scammer.

Just one from many examples:

A JS file from a ThemeForest theme

A JS file from his theme

It even has the same typos like “palate” instead of “palette”.

Any more questions?

@LSVRthemes You are Thanos man you destroyed this man in 1 sec. :laughing: