What’s happening to ThemeForest theme review process?

We are aware that there have been changes to the review process and people involved in it, which we understand, but things are getting scary. We have no intention to be picky or nagging. We just need to know what’s going on. Therefore if we could get an answer the a couple of questions will be most appreciated.

  1. What’s happening to the review process (how does it go on your side) in more details?

  2. Why there are no clear rules for us to follow on theme requirements? The current available information is from this article, created in 2013 - https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822450-WordPress-Theme-Submission-Requirements . The information is apparently nonsense for current submissions. The reviewers (I would imagine) should have a clear set of points to check and look for. Is it so hard to share these with us? We DO want to follow the submission requirements. We DO want to submit clean and secure items. It’s just that we need to know of the requirements for these! Our current theme submission is taking almost a month. I don’t think it makes sense for reviewers or authors to waste so much time on one item, when this could have been taken care of in the first submission.

  3. Why is our theme rejected for things, we’ve fixed in a previous re-submit?

  4. Do reviewers have good or any infrastructure on checking and following the development of each submit request? I.e. do reviewers even care to read previous reject responses?

Why is this so important to us? We reject any other freelance work, and we are 100% focused on development and support of our items on ThemeForest market. Such a stance from you is, if not offensive, at least unprofessional and careless, because like this none of us - our team, the clients and envato - are gaining any benefit. Doing the same thing over and over again, and not being able to make any plans, even vague ones, regarding an approximate launch date - we don’t find acceptable.


This has been raised so many times before. But, it is always overlooked. We should have clear set of submission requirements.

More and more I’m seeing my items soft rejected not only because of unclear requirements, but each reviewer has his own opinion.

On top of that - communication with reviewers is completely non-existent. It truly feels like Envato doesn’t care about the authors at all.

I’ve been trying to submit a theme for over a month now. Each time I get a soft reject for 1-3 issues, each time I wait 2 days “resubmission” queue, and another 1-2 days in “temporary hold for further review” queue. The last soft-reject reason even wasn’t a valid reason, it was the carelessness of the reviewer ( he didn’t inspect what the code does, rejecting it as invalid ).


That’s quite annoying. Happened with us as well a couple of times.

Our theme rejected 7 times with 1-3 bugs with one reviewer. No one follow our submit. After we resubmit our theme have new one review our theme and they give us 1-2 comment to fix. I think they don’t care this work, that’s waste time of us and them.

I also have problems with reviewer misscomunication. When you think you’ve fix all the errors a different reviewer comes and brings many more, and so on…

Ideally they should have a comprehensive analysis system even if it is a paid one say 20$USD. Everything should be detailed and documented in the analysis that this is missing and need to be rectified so that Authors can Fix it one Update when the next time they Re-Upload the Theme.

I have problem with review too, it is not stable, I create psd before create wp, nevertheless after accept for this category and create theme.
they hard reject or soft reject it by - unplesant - Usability is pretty poor - seems unfinished and so on…

with which standard you have this idea, where is your rules, please tell me please show me till understand you, your idea, your opinion.

every reviewer has their own opinion, I confused completely

please tell me clearly, you did not love my special element until change it, please clearly why this is not pleasant when you accept it for this category, or what is must be that is not now that you think it is not finished

what I get from article that you note to me :scream:


I need help fixing this error in your Nova Theme. I get this fatal PHP error:
PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getThemeVersion() on a non-object in C:\inetpub\vhosts\hohneng.com\hohnengineering.com\wp-content\themes\nova\app\libs\app_functions.php on line 116

We bought the theme and like the theme just can’t get past this fatal error.
Bought Theme in December 2015. Should still be able to get support.


If it is this file http://themeforest.net/item/nova-flat-clean-responsive-theme/5186612/support then unfortunately the auhtor cose not to support the file.

You can try sending them a message via their profile but they are not obligated to reply.

Alternatively you can look at http://studio.envato.com/ and might be able to find someone to help you fix it.

Good luck

Yes that’s the theme. We bought the theme thru Envato market and it included 6 months of support. who do I contact about the support that was included.


The six months of support is only applicable if the author provides it. In this case they have opted out of supporting the file http://themeforest.net/item/nova-flat-clean-responsive-theme/5186612/support

You can ask envato here but I would expec tthem to tell you the same.

Good luck

Hello mates,
Is there available any official checklist requirements for Joomla templates approve? Or each reviewer makes his own work on that?