Final Update (give us your valuable feedback)

Finally, We have updated a lot of things and we are ready to upload them on the marketplace.
Please, give us your valuable feedback to help fix more tweaks before submitting it to publisher review.


Hard reject again: Demo Link

This is the third time, I’m seeing this as a new thread. Apart from that you should continue to post on the previous topics, if you keep posting the item without any specific changes, your account would be disabled.

I have changed lot-of things like ajax, colors, responsive issues, etc.

Most likely, the template is not offering something new to the marketplace but you can contact Envato support to get a proper answer instead of keep uploading.


Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I will contact support ASAP.

I think new/fresh authors aren’t able to approve items on ThemeForest. Because ThemeForest doesn’t allow new authors’ items. But old authors’ items are approved so easily without any hassle.

No you’re wrong! Sometimes they rejecting our items also. create any unique item and upload it hope it will be approved.
I don’t think Envato differentiates between new or old authors. They need a unique designs

I think your intuition is almost right! But, are you notice any similarities between my item on the marketplace items? If you kindly inform me, I will really helpful.

It’s not true. The reason why the old authors’ item are getting approved is because they know the quality standards already while their items are probably rejected several times earlier.

Your item is too similar with the current ones. With a better UI, your changes to get approved could go higher ( not sure about the coding as I haven’t checked )

Thanks for your comment. Can you refer to the link for a similar item, please? So, I can change the UI/CODE on the item for a unique design.

Otherwise, I have approved 3 admin dashboards before with sales of 325+. Unfortunately, I have deleted those items even the author. I plan to work with the “one-author-one-item” strategy.

Now, I have been trying since Feb, 2021 to approve my items for the new author.

Again please refer to the link for a similar item.

You can also check the source code.

Finally, get the update from the Envato support team with this message.

Nothings helpful yet

The word “Nexel” looks realy bad. Such reflections, beavels and shadows always look bad (like bad 3D). Apart from this element I don’t see any design at all. There are huge problems with typography. A bunch of different fonts with different spacing between letters kills any brevity and turns the overall look into chaos. The font is outdated