I am getting hard reject every time I upload an HTML template. Please give some feedback.

Can anyone give some feedback on the following item why it has got hard rejected?
Your feedback will help me improve my template. I am really getting tired of rejection.


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You must work hard on your design. Really it is very basic.

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Thank you

if you don’t mind! will you able to tell me is there has any spacing and padding issue on the design.

First one you must choose good colors.

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thanks for your feedback.

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Your design is good, i think rejected coming from your color, white space and typography there, too many color there. remember this is template think about user use your file :), you need create uniqe selling poin to become an author in Envato, also me still keep learn and create good file here :slight_smile:, good luck and never giveup!


Your design is good but problem colors, it is my opinion and also need improve you typography.

Good Luck.


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thanks for your feedback

thanks @JeriTeam for your nice feedback