Html Template Hard Rejection

Demo link: [ ]

I got a mail from Envato Market saying this item is rejected and I won’t be able to submit this item again!!

What might be the cause of rejection?
What should be my next step to make it accepted?

Please assist!!


I can’t give feedback for your item but I will suggest you to compare the newest product accepted in themeforest with your product. So that you can understand the quality standards. Hope this will help you.

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One of my brother says,

You do not understand the market trend. Compare your work in terms of design and aesthetics with the latest accepted items. Put this idea aside and then start reviewing and fully understanding the market for a new idea.
This idea reminded me of my first rejected item. And I’m no longer surprised that those item have been rejected.
I spent some time studying UX and UI, and now I feel satisfied with the result.
Good luck!

Thanks for your valuable feedback