Why did my template get rejected ?



Hi everyone,
Today i sent my template but i get hard rejected.
Please say why my template get rejected ?

Link : http://ekstracim.com/template/corporate-business/index.html

Where did i wrong?



Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

I have seen your item.You need to improve your item design quality it isn’t ready for themeforest.your design quality is basic/practice level. try to improve create unique & aesthetic hope they will accept.



Hi, I agree with @unlockdesign. You need to improve the design, make it look more modern and premium. Good luck :slight_smile:



With respect I would like to say there is no alternative to know the Market standard first. Please study more on trending Items of this market. You have to provide best UI, have to put some premium design. So don’t worry just spend some more times on the market to know the quality standard.




Please check this I hope it will help you :slight_smile:

Good luck for next :+1:


Thank you everyone, I will consider your suggestions.