My template got rejected help me to understand the requirements of ThemeForest.

We have submitted our latest Help Center template and it’s got hard-rejected.

Here’s the demo link of the item:

Please compare and help me to understand the requirements of ThemeForest.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I had to deleted your posted link reason is Self-Promotion

Against the Envato Forum Rules ensure that will not happen in future.

You can ask feedback for your rejected item.

These links are added to just make a comparison between the latest items that got approved and my item that got rejected, I am here to just learn what’s the good in the approved items not exists in my item.

Thank you.

Envato reviewer team already given valuable feedback against your submitted item.
And i already told that you can ask for your rejected item feedback there is no issue but that comparison link will be create another rules breaking at Forum maintain system.

Hope you understand.

Yes, I understand, Thank you but the Envato reviewer doesn’t say anything the item got hard-rejected, not soft-rejected.

They must reply to you with this sample
That is the quality standard required!