Portfolio Template Hard Reject

I’m working with an IT institute who make items for those ThemeForest. I have three approval item on ThemeForest (both for my the institute). after gathering some experience i have created a personal ThemeForest account and submit some item but badly both of my items have been rejected. is there anyone who can help me to know about the main reason why me recent item has been rejected? i just need the exact reason

item link https://validtheme.com/mind/.

Thanks in advance


I have see your portfolio item.your design is too similar and many of themeforest standard issues (coding,spacing & white space etc) still in your item. Need to make it more anesthetics also.

Please Research more and Try Hope will approved your item.


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Thanks for your valuable comments.
Would you please tell me how did the ThemeForest accept those two items?


No One cannot tell about that cause Envato Accept That item.
It’s Dependent on Reviewer review.
They Maintain Themeforest Quality Standard.