My item has been hard rejected. Could you guys give me some advice and feedback?

Since it’s hard rejected, I cannot get any information or reason why my item was rejected. I want to create new item to submit but of course I need to know why this item got rejected so I won’t make same mistakes again. This is the demo page Zora - Shopify Theme

Could you guys with more experiences with Themeforest give me some feedback and advice?
I would really appreciate any feedback or advice.
Thank You

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As far as I am aware, the Envato review process is not predefined. Each reviewer seems to have a different standard. If you have two very similar items with different names and presentations, it is completely possible for one item to be approved and another to be rejected. This is because of the reviewer. You may or may not get lucky each time you submit an item

The following are my recommendations: :point_right:

  1. Change the presentation of the project and rename the item before the new submissions. (Most important)
  2. On the login page, add a demo password
  3. It would be nice to add new functionality (if possible).

Could you share the presentation screenshot for a better understanding of the points?
** :innocent: Envato accepts quality products. You’ll receive approval next time. Wishing you all the best.**

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Thank you for your recommendations.
I will implement them on my next submission.

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