Rejected My Item in ThemeForest


I am upload coming soon template but themforest rejected. can any tell me why themeforest tejected my item.
demo url : -

ThemeForest Comment :-
Your item does not provide the necessary design quality for this category. As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.While I’d be able to provide feedback as to how to get this approved, I can only do after it has crossed a certain threshold, quality wise. I’m sorry to say this isn’t there yet.


Your idea is very good but the design is not him. thinking of improving interactions

hitjariwala, if you can handle constructive criticism I will be honest with you and it will help you improve the quality and your item might get accepted eventually.

I have looked at your item and I can tell you for sure based on my several years experience including several rejections that your item is impossible to be accepted on Themeforest. You can hate me for saying this but If I don’t tell you the truth someone else might. But here’s the good news. You had your first rejections and get ready for several of such rejections because every rejections will make you a better designer/developer. Themeforest has extremely high standards actually highest standards in the themes industry.

Try this

Step 1: Look at 25-50 Coming Soon best selling templates for inspiration.
Step 2: Pick Top 10 templates that You like.
Step 3: Compare your template with these top 10 templates.
Step 4: See if you can figure out why your template got rejected and either if you think you can fix it or start fresh with a fresh design.
Step 5: For designing use high-quality photos (try and graphic elements such as Ipad (try etc.

You need to have consistency with colors (use ). right now you have randomly picked colors (yellow! come on dude) and typography is also messedup. This is a long journey for you coz you will need to get some design skills or partner with designer. For sure you are not a designer but you might be a good developer.

Good luck. Sorry if I sound harsh but I am just trying to help.


Thank for reply

can i re-submit it after changes?

i am see many template on themeforest but i cant understand what missing in my template.
can you help me?


  • You need way more to it - this is far too basic

  • Typography needs work i.e. consistency, styling, hierarchy

  • Alignment and spacing is inconsistent

  • Mobile view needs improvement e.g. coming soon too close to top of page, counters not responding as well as they could

you item is not ready, you should start from a good design

thank’s for this post

Thanks for reply.

i am developed new design.

can any tell me which file upload on themeforest and i am cant understand what i am write in help (.txt) file.

Please tell me step and require files.


If you are asking how to create documentation then use the following documentation generator.

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4 pages in my template so page wise help file require?
Where I check my website quality.


Hey, first of all, im not designer but what i see on my browser , There is free white space at bottom ,
About responsive: you have devlope it , the time section ( Hours minutes seconds) does not take the device width that means the horizontal scrollbar shown
Good luck!


Good Morning

can any give me file name and help file format how many zip file require for uploading.

Thanks in advance.