Why Rejected.... Feedback Please....



This is my first attempt to sell an item on ThemeForest, and the item was rejected. I will be trying again, but in order to improve and hopefully get some item approved in the near future, I need feedback and that’s why I’m asking you guys to help me with that.

For demo Click Here

Thanks to anyone that can offer some feedback!


1.you have some typography problems try to distinguish the headings from the paragraph make them bold or perhaps use contrast in colors;
2.the template is too short try add additional pages
3.try different overall color palette.
4. you have some responsive issues when resizing

my advice is to search for typography,visual hierarchy, color theory, spacing and alignment.
Also another thing, your -sections- layout is very typical, try something new, look for creative layouts and see how they do it.
Good luck


You really work hard. But unfortunately, I can not get any artistic elements & design in the template. Try again to make a new design template