Feedback on a rejected item

Hey there,

so my item just got hard rejected and I’d love to get some feedback on it, here’s the link:

I used to sell templates here, under the same Creative -> Portfolio category. I haven’t uploaded anything in 4 years and I wanted a fresh start with a new account and with a completely new design style (I would call it ‘unique’ but thats obviously subjective ).

My guess is this isn’t a good fit for themeforest’s designs standards, since it doesn’t have the usual grid with filters and things like that? Maybe the design is more artsy and weird rather than commercial?

Again, would love to hear your feedback on it.
Andrei :slight_smile:

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It looks too basic and doesn’t look premium items.
Start a new one :slightly_smiling_face:



Your template is too basic don’t best quality for sell themeforest as said @PxlSolutions sorry.


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It is an interesting concept, but it is just way too simple. There is certainly a room for more unique designs on the ThemeForest, but they still have to achieve some quality standards. It is possible to make a minimalistic design with premium feel, but this just isn’t it.

To give you one very specific piece of advice: get rid of that horrible scrolling script. You are just making one of the most basic features of any website worse for no reason.

Also I’ve noticed that your fonts scale with the screen size. I don’t really think this is a good idea. It looks like a site for visually impaired people on my 2560x1440 display.


Yeah, that makes sense. I get it.

Cool, thanks for the feedback guys.